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Borough Green Primary School

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

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  • 'Mad Scientist' Dress-Up Day!

    Published 16/10/17

    As the main event on 'Mad Scientist' dress-up day, a company called Astronomy Roadshow visited, bringing a blow-up 7.5m Planetarium with them!

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  • Stone Age Workshop

    Published 26/09/17

    On Monday 11th September two Stone Age visitors (otherwise known as Corinne and Tim from Living History Workshops) took us on a trip back in time to pre-history.

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  • Around the world in 10 days

    Published 14/06/17

    ‘Around the world in 10- days’ was our Whole School Geography Experience which took place during the last two weeks of term 5.  What an amazing two weeks it was! 

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  • Author visit

    Published 20/03/17

    S F Said, author of the Varjak Paw books, is coming to BGPS on Thursday 23 March 2017.

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  • Bikeability Success!

    Published 07/03/17

    Congratulations to our buddy cyclists in Year 5 and Year 6!

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  • New Recruits

    Published 16/01/17

    Our New Recruits for Terms 3 and 4

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  • What a Team!

    Published 21/11/16

    Staff, Parents, Grandparents, Governors, Partners and Pupils volunteered their time on Saturday 5th November to give a new look to our gardens. 

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  • Thinking of being part of our school?   

    Published 28/09/16

    We would love your child to join our Reception class in September 2017.  If you are interested in finding out more about us, please phone our office on 01732 883459 who will arrange an individual tour of our school for you. 

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  • Let's Get to Work!

    Published 21/09/16

    We are delighted to announce the successful applicants to fill our recently advertised BGPS jobs (click the Year 5/6 link below to see the job adverts).  All our applicants had to fill in an application form to be considered for the positions. 

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    Published 13/09/16

    What a start to our new year!  At BGPS we have turned the curriculum on its head and looked at ways that we can deliver the national curriculum subject content in an imaginative manner.  Staff were asked, back in April, if they could think of ways to develop the curriculum so our children would be thoroughly engaged in their learning and more importantly be able to recall the facts that they have learnt.  Months of planning have taken place to devise the new ‘Experience Curriculum’ that we have launched this week.  And, what a week our children have had so far…

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  • Borough Green and the Isle of Wight

    Published 16/05/16

    It has been a Borough Green Primary School tradition for over 30 years that our Year 6 children visit the Isle of Wight during Year 6. This trip creates life long memories and this year has been no exception.  Parents were invited to join us on our trip by reading the daily blog detailing what we had experienced each day.  

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  • Football Day at Borough Green

    Published 16/05/16

    What a fantastic day we had on Thursday 16th June to support our National team in EUFA European Football Championship 2016 - thanks to Mr Wellstead who was desperate to watch the match!  

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