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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Maths (updated 25.03.20)

The school username is bgpschool

The school password is circle

You then have your own unique log in to access the work set by your teacher.  You should look for the subject areas that you know you find tricky and use the lessons to support you before completing the worksheets and homework. You should aim for a miminum of 80% correct in each task - redo the activity if you are scoring less than this; revisit the lesson if you need to.

You have your own log in details and should work your way through your tables until they are automatic to you.  Challenge other children within your math set or class if you'd like more of a challenge. The system will respond to you as you improve giving you more and more tricky calculations to complete.

This is a great site for a quick burst of varied maths each day (to really stretch your fluency). You can have a go at any level but as a guide, Mrs Q's Year 6's should be working at a Platinum level and Year 5's at a Gold level.


5-minute multiplication square

Can you complete a multiplication square in under 5-minutes? Challenge your parents or other family members to have a go too. Keep practising until you can get it all correct within the time, then see how fast you do it without losing your accuracy. There's a blank grid below (or you can draw your own) plus a completed one - in case mum or dad need it. is a great resource for pictorial puzzles that will get you thinking algebraically whilst having fun – challenge each other to be the first to find the answer.