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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Meet the Flintstones!

What an amazing experience we are enjoying this term!  Our study of the Stone Age was launched with our Stone Age Day (see the front page of the website) which had us all dressed up and busy learning the skills necessary to survive in the Stone Age.  Our very own Chloe was the first brave volunteer; she was dressed in animal skins and given a beard, hand axe and bow.  Chloe represented the body of a Stone Age man doing a fantastic job of 'playing dead' with her arm sticking out of the snow!  This Stone Age body has taught historians a lot of detail about how people lived tens of thousands of years ago. 

Here's what the children enjoyed about their day:

"My favourite activity was when we had a bowl and a stick and we bashed a rock against the stick and the bark came off.  The stick was called weeping willow.  Also I learnt that they didn't have Christmas because it wasn't invented, they had other celebrations like summer, winter and spring."  Yusif S, Cherry Class

"My favourite activity was the axe making because we totally crushed the goal Tim set us - we made 16 hand axes!"  Jennifer S, Cherry Class

"My favourite activity was the pots: I really enjoyed decorating it and shaping it," Jack N, Poplar Class

"I made an axe by splitting a stick with a thin stone and bashing it with a heavy stone," Oliver F, Poplar Class

"My favourite activity was putting a hole in a stone because I thought it was impossible,"  Evie S, Poplar Class