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Borough Green Primary School

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

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Headteacher's Newsletters

Our children: healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have.


 Newsletter – June 2017

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                        


We have reached the final term, where has the year gone? Our children are enjoying the fairer weather and are starting to think about next year. For some year groups this will be a small change, for others a jump to a new key stage and for our Y6’s the biggest leap of all. However, there are still many more activities and events to take place before then, with new things to learn and new experiences to excite and intrigue the children.

Summer Fair

At the end of last term we were treated to a wonderful Summer Fair with many new stalls, competitions and challenges. The weather, after an initial down pour and a few claps of thunder, was perfect and the event was well attended from beginning to end. We are still awaiting the final total but we are certain that it will have been both an enjoyable and profitable day. The visiting photographer from the Sevenoaks Chronicle stated that he had been to several fairs and was very impressed with ours with photos making both the front page and page 14 and 15. Thank you to all those parents who helped by either doing a stint on a stall or by supporting the event with your attendance. A huge thank you must also go to the PTA and all those who worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a success.

Term 6 Dates



Wednesday 21st June

Sex Education Videos to be shown to parents (3.30 – 4.30)

Thursday 22nd June

KS1 Sports Day – parents are invited from 9.15 am on The Meadow

Wednesday 28th June

Music Concert

Thursday 29th June

KS2 Sports Day – parents are invited from 1.00 pm on The Meadow

Friday 30th June

Class Swaps – 11.00am

Monday 3rd July

Year 5/6 play dress rehearsal to whole school

Tuesday 4th July

Year 5/6 performance for parents (7.00pm)

Wednesday 5th July

Sex Education Videos to children (10.45am – 11.45am)

Year 5/6 performance for parents (7.00pm)

Reception trip to Drusilla’s

Thursday 6th July

Transition Day for most of Year 6.  Year 6 parents, you will hear from your secondary school directly

Friday 7th July

Class Swaps – 11.00am

Second transition day for Wrotham School pupils

Monday 10th July

Year 1/2 trip to Shorne Wood

Monday 10th July – Friday 14th July

Year 6 – Isle of Wight

Year 5 – British Military Fitness

Monday 17th July

Reports to Parents

Wednesday 19th July

Year 6 Leavers’ Party

Thursday 20th July

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly – parents are invited from 2.30pm

Friday 21st July

Last day of term

New classes

On Friday 30th June the children will be informed who their teacher(s) will be next year and will have the opportunity to spend some time with them and their new class. Please be aware that every year hours are spent by the current teacher, new teacher, Phase Leaders and Inclusion Manager to ensure each class is the most effective it can be and there are many factors involved in this process, most importantly the needs of each individual child. These classes are therefore final and so I kindly suggest that requests are not made to change the decisions made.


Our school website continues to be updated with blogs and photos so please look regularly at the site and your child’s year group for the latest information.

Term 6 Experiences

Year 1/2

Let’s go Safari’ and ‘Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside’

The children will be comparing holidays in the present and in the past with part of the experience involving a trip to Shorne Country Park, lots of visits to our nature area and the production of their very own Punch and Judy show. The initial ‘hook’ will be a seaside tableau set up outside.

Year 3/4

‘Grand Designs’ starts with the following ‘hook’:

A rare and valuable meteorite has just landed on Earth and the Natural History Museum is sending in a recovery team to retrieve it. As the remote part of this retrieval team you need to overcome an array of challenges that will require you to put your knowledge and understanding of forces into action. May the forces be with you…

‘Outdoor Adventure’

The children will use their creativity to create their own game, before teaching others and hosting their own event for others to compete in.

‘Our Journey this Year’

Their final experience looks back on ‘Our Journey so far.’ What have we learnt? How have we grown? The children will have plenty of writing opportunities including: writing a letter to next year’s children offering advice on what to expect and how to make the most of the year. They will write an autobiography and poem about the 16/17 school year and will send a letter to a child from the year they will be in next to ask for advice about what to expect.

Year 5/6

We’ll Meet Again

This experience enables the children to link the local history unit and the Year 5/6 play. They will study Borough Green’s role in the Second World War, and read a rich text, “Goodnight Mister Tom” by Michelle Magorian. The novel is the perfect vehicle for writing, enabling children to show their skills as newspaper reporters, prosecution lawyers and empathetic foster parents.  The emotional nature of the story always draws out a mature and sensitive response from this age group. The performance of “We’ll Meet Again” gives our children the opportunity to refine speaking and listening, drama and dancing and musical performance skills. The History topic will link to Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural issues exploring the themes of citizenship, community and our nation as they relate directly to our school. The initial ‘hook’ is washing line posters that will introduce the main characters, music lessons covering songs of WWII and old photographs and first-hand accounts will show how even Borough Green Primary School had a vital role in World War II.


Thank you for your £12 donation which goes towards the upkeep of the swimming pool and the instructor. Please ensure that children come to school with a named swimming costume, hat and towel. Our PTA continue to work hard in order to raise funds so we can continue to improve this wonderful facility with the latest venture being a Tea Towel which includes every child’s self-portrait. If you would like this lasting memento please send your order form into the office.

11+ Tests

Any Year 5 parents who are interested in a Kent grammar school place for September 2018 MUST REGISTER to take part in the September 2017 tests. Registration opens 1st June – closes on Monday 3rd July.

You can register your child online at, or you can fill in a paper form and return it to the school office or direct to the Admissions Team at Sessions House. We would recommend that you use the online service as you are more likely to receive the results a day before posted information. Please ensure that when you are registering online that you take particular care to select our school and not one with a similar name.

Parents who have registered online and given a valid e-mail address will be notified of your child’s assessment by e-mail after 4pm on 12th October. Assessment decision letters will also be posted first class to you on the 12th October.

The tests are designed for selection purposes, some pupils in Year 6 will certainly find them difficult however, coaching in school is not permitted. Test scores are standardised against the performance of an external sample of pupils who have not been coached, so that children who have not undertaken any special preparation are not placed at a disadvantage. If Kent Admissions receive evidence that schools are coaching they reserve the right to ‘unlink’ it from PESE (Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Education) and test materials will not be delivered. However, this does not mean that you as parents are not able to provide additional support for your children. If you need support with any part of this process do please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.

Geography Experience

After the successful whole school art experience in the Autumn Term we planned our second whole school experience this time with a geography focus. Over a two week period the children covered many of the skills and knowledge required by the National Curriculum for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. There were lots of cross curricular links such as orienteering during P.E. and collecting field data by conducting a survey in Borough Green with the collection, presentation and evaluation of the data linking to the statistics part of the maths curriculum.

The first week focussed on geography skills covering: using and reading a compass; ordnance survey map reading including grid references and symbols; orienteering and data preparation, collection, presentation and analysing. The second week focussed on knowledge where every class completed an in-depth study of a chosen country. Over the week the children were introduced to the flag, capital city and landscape of their country. They learnt what the land is used for in their country – farming, industry etc. and how much is urban or rural. Some classes learnt how to speak in the language of their country. Traditions of the country were also celebrated including songs, dance, clothing, food and festivals. Part of the week involved Year 1/2 interviewing a pilot in order to learn more about their countries; Year 3/4 held a mini football tournament between the three countries they had chosen and parents with links to a particular country came in to talk about their experiences. It was a fabulous experience that culminated in ‘Open Classroom’ sessions where parents were invited to visit each of the classrooms, with the highlight being a visit to Cherry Class which had set up an ice-cream parlour to celebrate their chosen country Italy. Thank you to all the parents who entered into the spirit of the event, helping the children to research, offering to talk to the children or simply taking the time to visit each of the rooms to see the work children had produced.

New starters meeting

On Tuesday 6th June the first meeting was held for parents of our new starters in September, many are current parents but we also have new families joining and I am sure you will join me in making them feel welcome in September.

Music concert

On Wednesday 28th June we will be holding our annual music concert. This is a wonderful evening where our children have the opportunity to share their talents. Every year the audience is astounded by the skill, expertise and confidence of those performing so if you have never been before please come along as you do not need to have a child performing to attend.

Kind regards,

Karen Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary