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Borough Green Primary School

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

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Headteacher's Newsletters

Our children: healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have.


 Newsletter – January 2018

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                        


The children have returned after the Christmas break excited to share their stories of a visit from Father Christmas and have enthusiastically launched themselves into 2018!

Feedback Opportunities

As mentioned in my last newsletter we are renewing our vision statement, ‘Our children: healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have’. The deadline for suggestions from parents/carers, children and staff is the Friday 9th February. Simply email the school office or post your ideas into the post box opposite the school reception hatch.

E-Safety Questionnaire

A questionnaire was sent out with regards to your child’s online habits, if you have not returned one but would like to, these can be completed electronically and emailed to school. If you ever have concerns about your child’s online safety please speak to the school or use the CEOP link on the front page of our website.


Generosity is one of the four key elements of our vision and our school most certainly is very generous. In the last few months you have already raised a tremendous amount for some really worthwhile causes:

Demelza House - £213.86

Shelter - £107.37

RNLI - £303.87

Family Trust - £248.40

It is worth making a special mention of Lex who instigated the recent fundraising for the RNLI. Lex is not the first child to come to me with a fundraising idea but what is particularly special is that he took on my challenge of putting together an assembly to deliver to the whole school and he is only a Year 3.

The parents of Borough Green children are generous not only with their financial support but also with their time and in turn your children are generous, what a wonderful quality to develop in a child. If we can teach them that to be generous doesn’t just mean handing over your pocket money but giving of yourself, your time and your talents we will have helped to instil qualities that will stand them in good stead for years to come.

Term Three Experiences

Year 1/2 – ‘Medium, Spicy, Hot’ – which develops the children’s ability to understand the similarities and differences between Kent and India. Their skills will be developed through R.E., literacy, geography and computing. The experience kicked off with all the children learning an Indian dance which can be viewed on the school website under the Y1/2 blog.

Year 3/4 – ‘I Want My Mummy’ – the children will learn about the achievements of the early civilisation of Ancient Egypt and develop the skills required to understand and study History. In addition, there will be plenty of literacy and maths involved with the study of pyramids and writing in first person after experiencing the re-enactment of finding Tutankhamun’s Tomb (a complete re-creation in Poplar class, they will be finding sand for weeks!)

Year 5/6 – ‘Watch Out – You May Get Eaten’ – the children will be using drama to think deeply and critically about poetic themes and content, unlocking the meaning of the poem, ‘The Lion and Albert’. Literacy, science and geography will all form part of this experience.

Keeping You Informed

Regular newsletters and blogs keep you up-to-date with all that is going on in school. If you want to look further ahead please visit our website: click on the About Us tab, Curriculum, your year group on the drop down menu then select the medium term plans for the term. You will also find the maths and literacy plans on this menu. Or follow the link 

Swimming Pool Update

We are now at the point of ordering seating, mats, signs etc. and once the new cover and a fire alarm are fitted we can start planning a grand opening. Thank you for supporting the PTA with their many events that not only entertain the children but the whole family. I am looking forward to the next big project and hopefully some continued improvements to the classrooms.

Sports Funding

Each year the government gives schools a substantial amount of money to spend on ensuring children are more active. There are many projects underway, one of which will be the replacement of the wooden climbing equipment that was on the meadow. The children have really enjoyed the exercise equipment and it is hoped that an extension to this will provide a greater number of children access at any one time. Year 3/4 continue to run a mile each day and have inspired other year groups to join in too. It has been great watching the children and some staff take on this challenge with many improving their time as the weeks pass.


Mrs Entwistle and Mrs May will be leaving us in the next month or two . Mrs May has only been with us for a short while, by Borough Green standards, but has made a positive contribution to the school office. Mrs Entwistle has been with us for 20 years, she has been a parent of children who attended the school, has clerked for our governing body and has been a member of the office staff throughout. They will be very much missed but I am sure you will join me in wishing them well in their future roles.

Travelling Books Fair

Each night the library was full of excited children, some knew exactly which book they wanted to purchase and some enjoyed browsing, we even had some parents who added books to their own reading list. The library continues to be open each night, straight after school for children (with their parents) to change their books. Remember laptops are also available if children want to complete an Accelerated Reading Test or even their MyMaths homework. Also, Story Time, after school, on a Thursday, is proving a big hit so if you want to enjoy hearing a story with your child come along. Thank you to the Mum’s who continue to come in each day to ensure our library remains the heart of the school.

Your Child’s Progress and Attainment

Next term Spring Term reports will be sent home prior to Parent Consultations on Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th March. These provide a snapshot of how your child is doing across all areas of the curriculum. It will also provide targets for literacy and maths. Following on from the reports, parent consultation evenings will give an opportunity to discuss the report in more detail. Open Classroom Sessions and written reports 3 times a year continue to be received well and are far more informative than a single report in July. Remember you are always welcome to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher outside of parent consultations.

Reminder - Jargon buster

A jargon buster, which covers most of the acronyms used in the world of education, can be found on the school website under Key Information.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Mrs Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary