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Borough Green Primary School

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

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Year 5 & 6 - Acacia, Maple and Oak classes

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to Term 1 at Borough Green Primary School. 

A big welcome to the new Year 5s and 6s.  We hope you had a lovely break and that you are feeling refreshed and ready to learn lots of fantastic new things!  There are a few surprises in store this term.

This year, we will continue with our Experience Curriculum.  Please refer to the Year 5/6 pages on the website to see our long term plan for the year and an individual plan for each experience this term.

Term 1 Experiences

This term our experiences include: ‘The Mysterious Maya’ and a Whole School Science Experience -‘Life, the Universe and Everything’.


‘Mysterious Maya’ - The children will learn about this ancient civilisation: who the ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived, their religious beliefs and rituals, their number and writing systems and the types of food eaten. They will make Mayan masks, cook Mayan food and take part in a Mayan Workshop on 26th September.


‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ - The children will gain a deeper understanding of how scientists undertake research in real-life. They will study our solar system including the relative sizes and features of the planets and how they move. They will also look at the life cycles of living things.  This experience will also encourage the children to dress-up as a ‘Mad Scientist’ for a one day competition and will see a Planetarium land at Borough Green School.

BGPS Job Centre

Our job centre is again open.  Children in Year 5 and 6 are encouraged to apply for available jobs in the school and they will be paid in house points. Children will be made aware of the positions available on Friday 8th September and applications must be completed and returned by Monday 17th September.  Everyone should be aware that their application forms should not be rushed and they should write in their best handwriting.  They should also try and include the grammar and punctuation that they have learnt in the last year in order to complete a strong application.

All jobs advertised will be displayed on the Job Centre Board , positioned outside Acacia classroom,  Our BGPS Job Centre will include our sought after positions of Sports Captain and School Council etc.

House Captain

All those children wishing to apply for this position must read the job description.  They should then complete an application form and return it on Monday 11th September.  Once an application form is received by Mrs Watson, the promotional campaigns can then be launched with the election taking place on Friday 15th September.  All KS2 will be invited to watch videos and presentations in the hall on this day.  This will be followed by a secret ballot – every child can vote for one person in their house.

Sports Captain

Again, any child wanting to apply for this position must read the job description thoroughly.  The application deadline for this position is Friday 15th September.  All those applying will be given tasks to complete by Miss Wood in order to ensure that great sporting people are selected for these roles

School Council

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.  Each class has two representatives voted into position by their class.  They are in their positions for the year and will meet with Mr Wellstead twice a term.  The elections for school council will take place w/c 18th September.


We will continue to set homework for maths and literacy each Wednesday.  Homework must be completed and handed in on Monday.  Please note that homework completion will be monitored in termly reports; there will be a section indicating if we have received your child’s homework every week.  As homework is a crucial part in consolidating learning any child in Year 5/6 who does not have their homework completed on the hand in date will be requested to stay in during lunch to complete it on this day. 

In order for us to check your child’s understanding of the topic that we are currently learning, please identify where input was required as this will ensure accurate, formative assessment.   Maths homework will be a ‘MyMaths’ task to consolidate the week’s learning.

Please advise us if you do not have access to a computer so that we can assist your child in completing this at school.

Spellings will also be issued on a Wednesday in preparation for our weekly spelling test that will now take place on a Tuesday. 


Our target for reading this term is fluency.  Please ensure that your child reads to you every day.  Reading out loud builds their confidence and extends their vocabulary.  Accelerated Reader will continue as it gives your child the opportunity to read books at an appropriate level and to be tested on them before they move on to a new book.   There are also prizes each term for those children who have progressed greatly in their reading.

Year 6 Information Evening – Thursday 28th September

An information evening for Year 6 parents will take place on Thursday 28th September.  This will give all Year 6 parents vital information about their child’s transfer to secondary school.

We will also take the opportunity on this evening to discuss our annual trip to the Isle of Wight which will take place in term 6 next year.  The dates are confirmed as Monday 9th July – Friday 13th July 2017. 

Part of the evening will also be used to share information about the SATs that take place in May with guidance on how you can support your child in the build up to these. Parents should also be aware that current attainment and predicted SATs results are used as evidence if an 11+ appeal is required, so it is important that they achieve their full potential in these end of year tests.



This is to politely remind you of our school uniform as stated on the school website.

Boys – Winter Uniform

Grey trousers

White shirt/polo shirt

Grey socks

School tie (juniors only, optional)

School bottle green round neck/v-neck sweatshirt


Girls – Winter Uniform

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or tailored trousers

White blouse/polo shirt

White or grey socks

Grey, black, green or white tights

School tie (juniors only, optional)

School bottle green round neck/v-neck sweatshirt or sweatshirt fabric cardigan


Please ensure that your child wears sensible black shoes to school, NOT TRAINERS or BOOTS.

PE Kit

It is essential that children have a full named P.E. kit in school at all times for our timetabled P.E. sessions and any impromptu sessions we are lucky enough to add in.  Children need to be responsible not just for having the kit in school, but also for putting it away after sessions and knowing where it is at all times.  If a child does not have a P.E. kit they will still have to come outside to the lesson and contribute to the learning and assessment of skills.  Pupils with long hair will need to tie it up for lessons and earrings must be taken out or protected with tape.


If your child requires an inhaler please ensure that you bring this in to school and complete an administration of medication form at the school office. Please label the medication clearly with your child’s name. Inhalers will be kept safely in the classroom for PE/Games lessons or for use as required.


In year 5/6 everyone is encouraged to write in ink even if they didn’t achieve their pen license in Year 4.  Please bring a handwriting pen that works for you – find one that makes your writing look neat and does not smudge too much.  This should be a blue ink pen.

In addition all Year 5/6 pupils must have a pencil, ruler, rubber and if possible a glue stick.  Lots of learning time is wasted looking for equipment when children do not have these items.  Year 5 and 6 should check they have these packed every day before leaving for school in the morning.

Outdoor Learning

We hope to have lots of opportunities for outdoor learning so please make sure your children have suitable footwear and waterproof jackets in school every day.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At BGPS we are very lucky to have so many clubs during lunchtimes, before and after school run voluntarily.  The timetables will be issued shortly for these.  Please remember if your child signs up to a club they must tell the adult in charge if they cannot attend for an important reason.

Year 6 Literacy and Maths Clubs

Children will again be invited to attend these clubs that run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm on a Monday (Literacy) and Tuesday (Maths).  There will be more children invited this term to help support them in their learning.  However, if your child is in Year 6 and would like to attend one or both of these clubs, please let anyone of the Year 5/6 teachers know.

End of the Day

As you know safeguarding your children is paramount at BGPS and it is essential for all that this continues at the end of the school day.  We ask for your support to help ensure that we are sending your children off the school site in the manner that you expect us to.  

  • If children are not leaving school with a parent or carer that we have been informed of can you please advise us otherwise a phone call will have to be made to confirm that you are happy for this to happen. 
  • If you have a child in Year 6 who you are happy to walk home from school on their own, please inform us in writing so we are aware of this.  This is only for Year 6 children at this stage of the academic year.
  • If an older sibling is collecting your child in Year 5 or 6, please can you also confirm this in writing so that we have this on our records.

    Important Dates

    Please find below some very important dates for Year 5 and 6 during term 1:

    Thursday 7th September – PESE test took place

    Friday 15th September – House Captain Elections, Job Application Deadlines

    W/c Monday 18th September – Sport Captain Trials, School Council Elections

    Sunday 24th September – Music on the Meadow

    Tuesday 26th September – Mayan Day

    Wednesday 27th September – School Council Meeting

    Thursday 28th September – Year 6 Information Evening

    Wednesday 11th October – Harvest Festival

    Thursday 12th October – PESE results to parents via email

    Friday 20th October – End of Term 1

    Kind regards,


    Mrs Davis, Mrs Hemsley, Mrs Quantick, Mrs Watson