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Borough Green Primary School

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

Our children: Healthy, happy individuals who make the most of what they have

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Sports Premium


  1. Parachute Military Fitness for Year 5
  2. Fitness centre for meadow incorporating a wide variety of fitness components for all abilities.
  3. New static netball posts.
  4. Curriculum course


The funding this year has, in the main, purchased a large, multi-exercise, outdoor fitness environment for the use of all children at Borough Green. This multi-gym will provide somewhere for children to improve their fitness, challenge their personal bests, work collaboratively and is designed to make exercise fun at the children’s own pace. The products we have chosen have a lifetime guarantee, are brightly coloured and inviting and offer children of all physical abilities and ages, the opportunity to exercise and build up strength, stamina and coordination.

This station has been designed to our own specifications following the latest regulations for children of these ages. It will stand close to our Trim Trail and Traversing Wall and as it will have specialist matting, which will enhance this area for the children to use all year round.

Extensive research has been put into this equipment and we feel we have the best option on the market to date, in terms of the health impact, value for money, durability and legacy value.

Children will be encouraged to record their personal bests and to see how they improve over the year, both on their own and during Games lessons.

The equipment has had a positive impact on the children with a reduced rate of behavioural issues reported by Lunch Time Supervisors at play time, with children instead being motivated to focus their attention on the fitness equipment.

Quotes have been gathered for matting or artificial grass to be laid around all pieces of equipment which are being evaluated for value. The matting will ensure all year use and help promote sustainability of the equipment. Sports captains will be used to organise competitions and challenges to ensure that the enthusiasm for the equipment remains.


New football nets were purchased for the four steel goals we already have in place.

Four netball posts were also purchased which have been permanently sited in the playground for everyday use. These were kindly installed free of charge by a local company with connections to the school. We have also purchased coloured safety protection covering to go around these posts for extra care whilst the children are on the playground.

The new equipment on the playground has raised the awareness of these 2 sports with attendance at netball club increasing by approximately 15 children and enough demand from the children to now start a football club. Just as in the case of the fitness equipment the goals and posts are well used, contributing to fewer behavioural issues, as well as children being more active at play times.


Another major investment has been the implementation of the Military personnel as used in previous years for the Year 5 children to improve their interpersonal skills, fitness, attitude and behaviour.

Members of the Parachute Regiment took 45 children from Year 5 each morning over a full week through a team building and leadership programme. This week, which we called Parachute Military Fitness, began with a baseline assessment of their fitness using a bleep test, a self-assessment profile and a fitness questionnaire. After high impact fitness, healthy eating and positive mental attitude lessons, the children each completed a further two bleep tests and final self-assessment profile.

The results of this show that 93% of the children improved their measurable fitness in the bleep test, with an average increase of 1.34 levels. 95.6% of children made progress in all areas of press-ups, squat thrusts and sit-ups. The Parachute Regiment trainers suggested this was in the main due to an increased positive mental attitude and improved growth mindset more so than fitness.

The following statement was sent in by the team leader, Patrick Granger:

We, as a team, see first-hand the impact the Parachute Military Fitness programme has on the children over their five, two and a half hour sessions. Because the children have to adapt to the challenges, often outside their comfort zone, there is an eagerness to engage in what we are teaching them. Their mindset has to totally change from the normality of the classroom, to pushing themselves to the limit physically on the playing field. We notice very early on that the children who lack a certain something in the classroom, tend to excel within this programme. This alone gives them enormous confidence; in their mindset they are as good as their brightest counterpart.

The balance, therefore, is one of getting the children to take that confidence from our program back into the classroom. Because the program is designed to push the children both physically and mentally, we find the mixture of the two, combined with their new found confidence, is the winning formula and weeks after, the teachers see a positive difference in their learning capabilities.

Push them hard and command their respect and respect is then given back to their teachers, their work rate in the classroom increases and they become a better, stronger and more resilient person.

Patrick Granger
Ex-Parachute Regiment Trainer

Not only is it evident that the children’s’ fitness has improved but so has their mind-set, increasing their courage and confidence to take risks in many other areas of their learning. This has been evidenced through quotes from the children on their final evaluation form.


An audit of the skill set within the school was conducted and training offered to increase the confidence of some members of staff in delivery the P.E curriculum. The training took place over a number of sessions showing staff how to differentiate their lessons and ensure that activities meet the aims of the National Curriculum. This has had a long lasting impact on the children with greater progress being made and an increase in confidence of the children in P.E lessons. In order for this to be sustainable training will need to be offered to new staff as well as those who have received the training to conduct coaching and mentoring so best practice can be shared.

Sports Funding Recieved in total: £9315

Expenditure to date  


Netball post protectors


Installation of outdoor equipment


Curriculum Course





British Military Fitness





Predicted Expenditure


Matting/artificial grass for the equipment