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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Year 5 & 6 Blog

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  • You've been busy!

    Published 01/04/20, by Stella Martin

    We're receiving your photographs of what you're up to and your work and it's making us SO HAPPY because all your teachers and friends miss you.

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  • Your Home Learning - Highwaymen

    Published 30/03/20, by Stella Martin

    Last week you were all busy researching highwaymen and we thought it would be fun to share what you've found out.  We're all missing each other (teachers included!) and would benefit from staying in contact and learning from each other like we do in class.

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  • Home Learning Gallery

    Published 26/03/20, by Stella Martin

    Here are some photographs of what we are all up to while school is different.  Some are of the Home Learning Journals we are completing in school.

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  • Mayor's Debate

    Published 18/10/19, by Admin

    Debate in Mayor's Office Maidstone.

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  • Harvest

    Published 18/10/19, by Admin

    Food Bank at the Vine, Maidstone

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  • Commission from King Ethelred

    Published 13/06/19, by Stella Martin

    King's missive is delivered to all Year 5 /6 classrooms...

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  • Kent Traffic Police Visit

    Published 08/03/19, by Stella Martin

    To finish our study of the ways societies have dealt with crime and punishment throughout history, we were visited by two experts in the field!

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  • California Dreaming

    Published 12/02/19, by Steph Quantick

    Year 5/6 spent the first half of Term 3 sunning themselves in California (albeit in their imaginations.)  They travelled along the Pacific coast road, witnessing the natural splendour of the Big Sur and taking in the magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Their adventures were recorded in personal blogs and they developed their coding skills to create interactive, multiple-choice quizzes to share what they had learned along the way.  See what one intrepid adventurer had to say below.

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  • Remembrance

    Published 16/11/18, by Stella Martin
    The artwork seen here was produced during a project called Remembrance.  As part of a local history study, Years 5 and 6 looked at local memorials and in particular the memorial in St Peters Church Ightham which remembers Thomas Riversdale Colye
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  • Year 6 Craft Club

    Published 11/10/18, by Stella Martin

    For the past three weeks, Craft Club attendees have been working on tunnel books.

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 15/11/17, by Steph Quantick

    'Who Wins, You Decide!' - an enterprising Christmas competition

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  • Science Week Spectacular

    Published 10/11/17, by Steph Quantick

    Year 5/6 are Mad Scientists for a week.

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