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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Year 5 & 6 - Acacia, Maple and Oak classes

Year 5 and 6

Dear Parents and Children,

 Welcome to Terms 5 & 6 at Borough Green Primary School. 


Learning Experiences This Term

We have launched our first Learning Experience—“Darwin Detectives”—which explores the contribution of Darwin to our understanding of the natural world.  We have already learnt about life on board The Beagle and will be imagining we are a member of crew who might have assisted Darwin during his epic voyage.  Later in Term 5 we will spend a week exploring Big Questions and how religion and philosophy can help people to navigate difficult times.  As part of this experience the pupils will write an essay called Room 101 – you may have seen the television programme – so please help your child start to think about the one thing they would like to eradicate from this world.

Terms 5 and 6 are quite different as the two year groups have two opportunities to be separate and work with pupils their age.  The first time this happens is during SATs Week when Year 5 have their morning lessons in the Hall to complete their Learning Experience called The Young Soldier.  This topic enables them to refine their skills as historians, using the evidence left by a young soldier during the Battle of Thermopylae to plan a museum exhibition.  We are also very lucky to have Molly, Mrs Marsh’s daughter who is a qualified dance instructor, helping us with our dances on the Wednesday of this week.

The next opportunity is when Year 6 immerse themselves in rehearsing our play “Darwin Rocks”.  Later in the term we will send requests for help with costumes.  While Year 6 are undertaking rehearsals, Year 5 will be taught in two classes and will study the novel “Goodnight Mister Tom” which follows an evacuee as he leaves London and settles into life in the countryside.  This Learning Experience allows us to explore the impact World War II had on individuals and communities.

While SATS are important, they are nothing to worry about and our pupils are well-prepared having completed similar assessments 4 times this school year already.  We are very proud of Year 6 in particular who are very motivated and have been making good progress all year.  Year 6, please see this week as your opportunity to shine!  Maple Year 6s have completed extra assessments as part of trials of reading tests; they worked extremely hard and we were all very proud of the focus and effort they demonstrated in two hours of challenging assessments.


The SATs timetable 2019 is:

  • MONDAY 13th MAY - English grammar, punctuation and spelling test, Paper 1, short answer questions. English grammar, punctuation and spelling test, Paper 2, spelling.
  • TUESDAY 14th MAY - English reading test.
  • WEDNESDAY 15th MAY - Mathematics, Paper 1, arithmetic test. Mathematics, Paper 2, reasoning.
  • THURSDAY 16th MAY – Mathematics, Paper 3, reasoning.


During this week, Year 6 are invited to join us for breakfast at 8.15am, followed by a ‘Wake up Shake Up’ on the meadow – weather permitting.  An invitation will be given to your child shortly.


In June we have a whole school Design Technology week during which we will be creative with solving engineering and design problems.  We will be asking for cardboard and other materials for our working models nearer the time.


Of course Year 6 are also looking forward to the Isle of Wight trip in July.  Soon you will receive kit lists and a timetable for our exciting week of activities and visits.




All pupils should be using Times Table Rockstars to improve their fluency and challenge their friends.  You should be completing the timed tests at least 4 times a week.  If you do, you will see your progress in the time it takes you to answer all the questions correctly.

Booster lessons are always available on My Maths in addition to the specific homework we set.


Spelling & Grammar

Please continue to learn the Y5-6 statutory word lists and the weekly lists we send home.  Remember to use Spelling Frame online; it is such a helpful way to practise and test yourself and feedback from the children is it is a far more engaging way of learning spellings.



Please ensure that your child reads to you every day and sign the green reading card accordingly.  Many of our children have a reading age above their chronological age, a tremendous achievement and certainly an incentive for them to read more and more challenging texts. Reading out loud builds their confidence, extends their vocabulary and provides an opportunity for you to join your child in the ‘escape from reality’ that a great novel provides.  We continue to use Accelerated Reader which gives your child the opportunity to read books at an appropriate level and to be tested on them before they move on to a new book.  Many of our able readers are choosing more challenging books and are recommending them to others.  This is really exciting and is fostering a love of reading which is so important for academic progress and general well-being – half an hour away from the TV and devices daily is a good habit to establish for life.





This is to politely remind you of our school uniform as stated on the school website.


Boys – Summer Uniform

Grey trousers

White shirt/polo shirt

Grey socks

School tie (juniors only, optional)

School bottle-green, round-neck/v-neck Sweatshirt


Girls – Summer Uniform

Green & white gingham dress

White or grey socks

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or tailored trousers

White blouse/polo shirt

Grey, black, green or white tights

School tie (juniors only, optional)

School bottle-green, round-neck/v-neck Sweatshirt or sweatshirt fabric cardigan


Please ensure that your child wears sensible black shoes to school, NOT TRAINERS.


PE Kit

It is essential that children have a full P.E. kit in school at all times for our timetabled P.E. sessions and any impromptu sessions we are lucky enough to add in, especially during the summer.  Children need to be responsible not just for having the kit in school, but also for putting it away after sessions and knowing where it is at all times.  If a child does not have a P.E. kit, they will still have to come outside to the lesson and contribute to the learning and assessment of skills.  Pupils with long hair should have their hair tied back at all times and earrings must be taken out or protected with tape during P.E. lessons.



In Year 5/6 everyone must bring a BLUE ink handwriting pen and a spare that works for them – they should find one that makes their writing look neat and does not smudge too much. If a replacement is needed please remember that the PTA second-hand uniform shop also stocks stationary. Biro is not allowed.  Next year we will be returning to a policy of pupils earning the privilege to write in ink so Year 5 need to focus on correctly joined, sized and neat handwriting now.


Extra-Curricular Activities

At BGPS we are very lucky to have so many clubs during lunchtimes, before and after school run voluntarily.  Please remember to tell the adult in charge if you cannot attend for an important reason.


As always, thank you for your support as parents and guardians.  Should you need to speak to us about any matter please make an appointment via the school office.

Mrs Martin                Mrs Lewis                    Mrs Hemsley               Mrs Quantick