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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

In this section...

Early Years - Apple and Lime classes


The information in this area is of relevance to parents of children starting school in the Early Years Foundation (Lime and Apple) classes.

More general information on the school (e.g. curriculum, school policies) is available elsewhere on this website via the drop down menus.

Copies of school letters, sent by Arbor or via the children’s book bags, and key school policies (for example Attendance, Behaviour and Discipline, Complaints procedure, E-safety, Safeguarding) are available in the foyer by the school office.

Information on daily events is displayed on screen in the foyer and, on occasion, notice boards are placed in the upper school playgrounds with reminders/information for parents. Updates on daily information are also available on the school telephone line (Option 4).

If you have further questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or speak to staff in the school office. Alternatively you can telephone 01732 883459 or send an email via the ‘contact’ page on this website.

Early Years School Day

Please do not bring children on site before 8.40 am.

8.40 am   Classroom doors are open.
11.55 am  Lunch break.
12.30 pm  Infants eat their lunch.
1.10 pm    Afternoon School commences
3.15pm Children are collected from the patio next to their classrooms.


Should your child be unwell on a school day please telephone and choose Option 3 to leave a message. A letter, confirming the exact dates of absence, is then required on your child’s return.

We prefer appointments to be kept, where possible, outside of the school day. However, where this is not possible, please ensure that we are informed of this in writing.

Physical Skills

Your children will feel more independent if they can do the following things on starting school:

  • Dress and undress.
  • Be able to manage buckles/laces on shoes.
  • Fasten their coat
  • Blow their nose properly.
  • Manage a knife and fork.
  • Be able to use toilet correctly and wash and dry their hands.
  • We recommend that all children have a spare pair of knickers/pants and socks in their PE bag in case of toileting accidents.
  • Be able to tidy away toys, games, etc.

Online Resources

There are new Early Years online resources to promote the importance of the home learning environment to boost children’s language and socio-emotional development. Follow the link (also under 'In This Section') for a full range of evidence-based, detailed and accessible advice for parents on activities you can do with children at every stage between birth and 5 years old, and a search facility to connect you to local support.