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Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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World Bee Day - 20th May 2021

This Thursday (20th May) is World Bee Day

This Thursday (20th May) is World Bee Day. You are no doubt aware that bees produce one of our country's favourite sweet treats in the form of honey but did you know that, as pollinators, they also contribute to the production of nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. In other words, a third of the world’s food production depends on bees, i.e. every third spoonful of food depends on these fuzzy, buzzy beauties.

In addition to the humble bumblebee, with its distinctive black and yellow colouring, there are over 250 species of bee in Britain, all busily protecting the future of our plants, flowers and trees. They are at the their most active in May so please keep an eye open for them and see how many different types you can spot.

35 UK bees species are under threat of extinction, and all species currently face serious threats​. You can help by planting bee-friendly flowers such as lavender, buddleja and bluebells.  These will make your garden look (and smell) wonderful as well as helping to attract bees and providing them with vital pollen during their visits.  

For a fuller list of suitable plants, have a look at

Several charities have created bee-friendly seed bombs as well as other ideas, such as how to build a bee hotel (for a solitary bee, not a hive).

For more information, please visit:

Don't forget, planting bee-friendly flowers counts as your Green Blue Peter badge plant pledge, so will help get your child closer to their coveted badge. You can then upload your child's pledge certificate (available for their class teacher) at and start saving money at over 200 UK family attractions.