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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Adventures Outside The Classroom, w/c 06.07.2020

Were it not for the current situation, this week would look very different for Year 5/6 and we have tried to reflect this in our plans for the next few days.  We hope you enjoy them and would love to see pictures of what you get up to; this week more than any other, we will miss having you all together and with us.  The first section gives activities for both year groups to try, there are then different challenges for each group separately below.


Daily fitness challenge

Each day this week, challenge yourself to complete the following routine and record your results.  How much can you improve your scores by over five days? You might be inspired to keep going and see just how fit you can become before you return to school.  If you are unsure how to do an exercise, please have a look at someone like Joe Wicks on YouTube: remember, technique is important – it is far better to do fewer reps but do them correctly than to do loads but they are wrong (and may even hurt you). Also remember that using muscles properly for the first time in a while will make them ache – you should expect this so don't give up too easily!

  • Skipping.  How many skips can you do in one minute?
  • Plank.  How long can you hold the plank position for?  If you are doing it right, it might not be long to start with but you should aim for 1 minute.
  • Wall sit. Back flat against the wall, thighs at 90 degrees and knees at 90 degrees. How long can you hold the position?


Eat well: live well

Keep a food diary for a day and then look up the calorific content of each item that you have eaten or drunk. Did you have your 5-a-day? Did you drink enough water? Don’t worry, we all have good and bad food days but sometimes it is useful to stop and think about it – if we want to get the best out of our body, we need to put the right things in.  On average, you should be consuming around 2,000 calories a day.


Viking Manuscript – make a leather-bound book

Design and make a Viking inspired cover for the Lindisfarne story that you wrote last week.  Think about the symbols and images that we have met in our learning about the Vikings. Can you make it look leather-bound or metal studded? See the attachments below for some ideas and instructions.


Shield design

Read the fact sheet below about Viking shields and come up with a design for a shield that you would be proud to carry in to battle.


Knot Trying

Test your manual dexterity and try a bit of knot tying using the information sheet below.


Camp out

Have a go at building a den or putting up a tent and spending a night sleeping outside or in an unusual spot. Maybe even treat yourself to an ice-cream come s’more (see the recipe card below).


Maths Escape Room

In addition to your Oak lessons, there is an Escape Room Challenge below that we will be doing in school this week, if you’d like to try it.


* Year 6 *

This week we would have been off to the Isle of Wight and while this cannot happen, we want to try and capture a little of the feel of what we would have been up to. 


Virtual tour of the Isle of Wight

Amazon World - Have a go at this quiz before you ‘visit’ Amazon World.  You’ll have to guess some of the answers – or you could use the Internet.  We’ve included the answer sheet so you can mark your quiz.  If you had visited Amazon World, which do you think would be your favourite animal?  On past trips the sloths have been admired and the lemurs have thrilled us when they climbed on our shoulders!


Carisbrooke Castle – Have a virtual explore of this fascinating site and see how much of the activity booklet below you can complete.

Learn more about the donkey-driven well (always one of the highlights of our trip)

Find out more about King Charles’s stay in the Castle


Osborne House - Meet Queen Victoria

Before you go on a virtual tour of Osborne House, complete the activities on the PDF version of our flip chart.  You will closely study two photographs of Queen Victoria and some key dates in her family life.  Use this evidence to think about how life has changed since Victoria’s reign: look at their clothes, the way they posed for the photograph, the values and messages communicated in the photograph.  Prince Albert is particularly interesting – would he be present in this form if the photograph were taken today?

Learn even more about Queen Victoria here


BGPS memories

Make a one-page Word document or Publisher slide to tell us about your memories of BGPS and your hopes for the future.  We will combine all of these together to make a virtual leavers assembly to share with your friends.  Your page or slide should include:

  • A photo of you aged 4-6 (KS1)
  • A current photo of you
  • A favourite memory of your time at Borough Green
  • An ambition or what you would like to be when you grow up
  • What you will miss most about BGPS
  • What you are looking forward to at your new school

You can be creative with your layout and font, etc but your page should include each of these six items.


* Year 5 *

With the Year 6’s away, you should have ruled the roost this week as you prepared to take on the mantle of being the top of the school.  When the BMF visit the school, they teach us about great military leaders as well as helping us to find our own greatness.  Take some time this week to prepare presentations or displays about each of the following inspirational figures.


British Military Heroes

Earlier this year, Captain Rosie Wild became the first woman to pass the gruelling entry tests for the British Parachute Regiment.  What can you find out about this amazing young woman and the rigours she had to put herself through in order to achieve this?


Captain Tom Moore had already completed a highly respected military career when he unexpectedly become a household name during the current health crisis.  How much can you learn about his small plan that took on great significance?


The Brigade of Gurkhas has served the British Crown with distinction for over 200 years but what do you know about them?  Find out as much as you can about the heritage and modern role of this branch of the Royal Army.