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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Art Through The Ages – w/c 20 April 2020

Your task this week is to think about and explore how art has changed over time.



Use what you find out to create a timeline of art throughout history – maybe start with cave paintings and end with Banksy.  Below are some examples to get you started but you can be as creative as you like!  You could use images from the internet or try to recreate some of your own.  If you are researching images from the internet, make sure you are using a safe search engine that is appropriate for children, Kiddle, for example.  Or, you could go on a virtual tour of an art gallery or museum and see what grabs your attention, for example the National Gallery 

You could also try to find out a bit about some of the artists as well.  Did each artist find fame straight away, after a few years, or even after they died?  You could also try to link the changes in artistic style to what was happening in society at the time.  Are they linked?  Is art influenced by famous people, technology, religion or even politics?


Paintings tell a story

Choose one of the pictures that you have found particularly interesting and annotate it to explain what you enjoy about it.  Does it remind you of anything? Can you imagine being one of the characters it shows? What adventure could you go on, if you were to travel into the picture?  Can you write a story inspired by the picture?

The BBC has a series of short films in which the presenter finds herself in famous paintings which might help to give you some ideas:


Make a museum

Can you collect interesting things in your home and/or garden to create ‘mini-museum’ of your own? These could be things that say something about your family, that explore that strange time that we are all currently living through, or just things that you enjoy.  Could you make information labels for your museum exhibits? 


The Shape Game

Created by author, illustrator and Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne, the shape game encourages children to draw any shape at all and then use their imagination to turn it into anything they feel like.

During his Laureateship, Anthony challenged 45 writers, artists, illustrators and celebrities to play the Shape Game: the results can be seen in an online gallery at


Keep in touch

Please do send us copies of all your amazing creations this week – we miss you all terribly and would love to see what you getting up to.  Your pictures and stories can be emailed to Don’t forget to include permission for us to put your work on the school website, if you are happy for us to share it with all your classmates too.