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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Growing & Changing - w/c 13 July 2020

This is our last week of term - and what a term it's been! You have all coped amazingly well with the changes to your schooling and whilst we haven't been able to welcome you back in to a classroom yet, if you have kept up with all the work that has been set, you will be very ready for school in September. Don't worry if you have missed a couple of activities; we will leave everything on here over the summer so you can catch up at any time.

This week, we would like you to do some creative science as well as looking ahead to next term - whether that is at BGPS or at your new school...


Parts of a flowering plant

Watch the following video to learn about the different parts of a plant and the specific job that each has in the plant’s life and reproduction.

Complete the work sheet below to label the parts of a flowering plant.

Also have a go at the BBC Bitesize quiz on plant reproduction at


Lifecycle of a flowering plant

Watch the following BBC Bitesize video and complete the worksheet below to explain the lifecycle of a flowering plant.

Can you make a creative display to explain the various stages of flowering plant reproduction?

Think carefully about the order the stages follow. See the plate spinner information and example below for a possible idea of how you might present this.  Make sure you include diagrams or pictures and information text.


Super Sentence Stacking – The Windmill Farmer

We have another YouTube Super Sentence Stacking lesson this week and, as before, you need to watch the lesson then choose one (and only one!) part of the story to tell and write nine sentences about that plot point.  Your sentences should be the very best that you can do and must address three key challenges:

  • Personification
  • A how adverb with an –ly ending
  • Complex sentence using subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because)

Listen very carefully to the lesson as it will really help you to produce your best work; do what you are asked – no more, no less.




Year 5

When we return in September, school might look and feel a little bit different but you will still be our new and amazing Year 6 children and we are looking forward to sharing some responsibility with you.  In anticipation of this, you each need to choose a school job and complete a job application form for it. See below for the list of jobs available and the application form.  Every child must apply for a role from this list. 

When completing your application, think carefully about:

  • Why you’d be good at the job
  • Details of your achievements during this school year. 
    • These may include fears you’ve overcome; new skills you’ve developed; skills you’re developing in clubs outside school e.g. drama, music, dance, sport; ways you’ve demonstrated grit and resilience
  • What teachers would say about your suitability for this job
  • Examples of ways you’ll deal with your responsibilities

If you wish to apply to be a House Captain or Sports Captain, you will need to do an additional application for that position (you cannot apply for both House and Sports Captain – you will have to choose the one that means the most to you.)  Remember that House Captains will do things like run house assemblies and Sports Captains will organise Sports Days (including the field and track lists for their house) and welcome visiting sports team to our school.  House Captain applicants should also prepare a short (3mins max) PowerPoint and a single A4 poster to support their campaign (Sports Captain applicants do not need to do this)

Sports Captains are chosen by Ms Wood and the teachers. House Captains are voted for by the school. But both roles come with significant responsibility and previous and future behaviour will have an influence on suitability for the role.  An example House Captain contract is given below.


Year 6

How Do You Feel

Complete the worksheet below, considering some of the changes that you might be thinking about at the moment.


Managing Situation – Getting Involved

Complete the worksheet below.  You will need to think about some situations that you may encounter at Secondary and the ways that you might react to these.


Time Planning – Morning routine

Secondary School means increased independence and increased responsibility; before leaving the house each morning there will be a lot of things to think about, starting from the night before. Complete the worksheet below to start thinking about how best to get ready to start each day calm and prepared.


How to tie a tie

Several of the Secondary schools have requested that you learn to tie a tie as this will be part of many of your new school uniforms. There is a simple to follow video here