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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Headteacher's Newsletter

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds


 Newsletter – June 2018

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                        


Dear Parents,

We are now in our final term of the 2017 – 2018 academic year, a term which is proving as exciting and busy as all other terms this year.  Typically, this final term features not only learning outside of the classroom but also trips away from the school: Year 6 are looking forward to their residential on The Isle of Wight; Year 1/2 are going to Battle Abbey in historical costume and Reception have a day out at Drusilla’s Zoo planned.  In addition, our outside areas are being used to their maximum potential with preparation for Sports Days and our faithful parents once again working in the Nature Area.  Sports Day is always a competitive and inspiring day as pupils work hard to improve their personal best scores and compete to help their house win.  The swimming pool, officially opened in May, is now being fully utilised and there is a buzz of excitement and anticipation as each class has their allocated day for their swimming lesson.  In rare moments that staff can pause between lessons and other teaching commitments, the sounds of happy splashing and advice on technique can be heard in the staff room. One member of staff, whose child attends a different school has just paid £60 for swimming lessons; how lucky we are to have this facility on-site -  although parents should be aware that there are also significant cost implications for this and therefore your contributions are gratefully received.  The Reading Challenge – the 500 Word Club – is going well with some children already in the 100,000 Club and competitively reading in the hope that they will reach the 1 million words group by the end of Term 6.  Our younger pupils are also involved in this with many in the 500 or 1000 words categories already, and a few KS1 pupils in the 10,000 club!  Please visit the display near Maple classroom to see if your child is featured on our wall of champion readers.

Traditionally, this is also a season for saying goodbyes: for KS1 pupils to leave the Infants and transition to KS2; for Year 6s to enjoy the rites of passage so important here including the school play, the Isle of Wight trip and the Leavers’ Assembly.  Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to some members of staff this term.  Mrs Davis, after many years of hard work, of leading Science and of teaching classes throughout Key Stage 2, is leaving education to pursue other interests including gardening.  Mr Wellstead, famous for his love of dressing up, marathon running and his secret ambitions to be a rockstar (you may have seen him perform at Music on the Meadow), is also moving on to explore other roles in education.  Both Mrs Davis and Mr Wellstead will be much missed.

Other staffing news is that over the summer holidays Miss Parsons will be getting married and will return as Mrs Van Wyk and I am sure you will join me in wishing her all the best at this exciting time. Mrs Black will also be leaving us once more to start her maternity leave, Baby Black number two is on the way!

Although it is hard to see people go, it provides new opportunities for others. Below are the staffing updates for September, children will be informed which teacher they will be having on the 29th June with a further visit on the 6th July. Unfortunately, Mrs Butterfield will not be able to join us on the 29th June as she has a previous commitment at her current school. The session on the 29th June for Poplar Class will be taken by Mrs Black but they will see a photograph of their new teacher in preparation for her visit on the 6th July.

Year Group

Class Teacher

Class Name

Early Years

Mrs Jeffery



Mrs Van Wyk (formerly Miss Parsons)


Year 1 / 2

Mrs Brown



Mrs Austen



Mrs Wibroe


Year 3 / 4

Mr Wheatley



Miss Wood



Mrs Butterfield


Year 5 / 6

Mrs Hemsley



Mrs Martin



Mrs Quantick



Once again the Key Stage 1 sports day went really well and without the threat of an imminent storm that we had the year before. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their supporters were wonderful. The scores were really close in the end but the overall winners were Morris.

There are plenty more events to be enjoyed before the end of term!

27th June – Summer Music Concert

28th June – Key Stage 2 Sports Day

3rd and 4th July – Year 5/6 Play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

6th July – Pamper Evening

9th – 13th July – Y6 IOW trip, Y5 BMF week and the rest of the school will be enjoying a Whole School PE focus

23rd July – Leavers Assembly


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to a busy school at the heart of the community.

Kind regards,

Mrs Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary