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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Headteacher's Newsletter

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds


 Newsletter – Term 1 2019-20



It is hard to believe that the first term is nearly over but here we are, autumn is in full swing, leaves are falling and the temperature has definitely dropped. However, the spirit of our young people continues to brighten our day and much has been achieved already.

Last year was a year of remarkable academic success and in particular maintaining our outstanding greater depth reading results which for two years running have been well above the national average.  However, success is not simply measured by attainment in tests, we are excited by our vision to expand children’s horizons in all sorts of ways. 

Our first assembly this term had a Great British Bake Off theme and challenged children to think about a ‘recipe’ for a ‘show-stopper’ school; their ideas included love, friendship, learning and resilience. Our final assembly will focus on Harvest with donations of food gratefully received for those families who are struggling financially. Our Stars of the Term will be chosen and the final results for this term’s winning house announced.

We greatly appreciate our links to the community which are so beneficial for our pupils.  These may take the form of local people visiting us and sharing their experiences or expertise or our pupils being involved in activities and events outside of the school building.  This year already Year 5/6 have enjoyed a fascinating talk and demonstration of Mexican cuisine and Y1/2 enjoyed an informative workshop on the life of Florence Nightingale. Y3/4 enjoyed exploring objects through history in a fascinating workshop which involved looking and smelling a range of foods that our ancestors would have gathered, archery, fire lighting and a chance to have a go at cave painting (albeit in a nice, warm classroom!). Four of our Year 6 children took part in a debate about air pollution with the Mayor of Maidstone and certainly did us proud with their debating skills!

We are particularly excited by our links with Westbank Nursing Home: last year pupils completed an art project with the residents and we are planning similar projects this year with some of our Early Years children visiting next term.  Benefits of Intergenerational Relationships are well-documented and provide opportunities for both to learn new skills. Our Lace Making Club run by Mrs Vick is a great example of this with this most wonderful skill being passed on to the next generation.

We are also looking into making the most of our school grounds and are buzzing with ideas about a school allotment and keeping chickens! Watch this space!

Exciting Learning Experiences have been launched in all year groups: Year 1/2 have completed the experience An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away and are well underway with their Ch Ch Changes which will involve a ‘Mad Scientists’ day on Wednesday. Year 3 /4 have completed Meet The Flintstones and are now headlong into Flower Power. Year 5/6 have been linking Maya history with an Art and Design project creating a paper mâché masks with an animal theme.

A special mention must go out to all our new Early Year’s children and their families. The children have been busy making rainbows (a different coloured lolly stick for every area of the curriculum) and several children have enjoyed their ‘Week to Shine’ where the curriculum is based around their interests.

Over the summer break another classroom was completely re-decorated and furnished with stream-lined cupboards and new brightly coloured chairs and tables.  Our fantastic PTA works tirelessly to raise the funds for improvements like this, improvements which have an enormous impact on the everyday lives of pupils and staff.  Two recent events have been the Inflatables Day and the Pop UP Circus. The next event, back by popular demand, is our Hollywood Night on the 1st November more details are to follow but certainly one for the diary.

If you would be interested in helping out in any way at the school we would love to hear from the local community, parents, grandparents, or simply nearby residents, contact the school office at

At the end of last year one of our governors wrote a super poem which I shared with staff and children but I neglected to send it to parents so here it is for you all to enjoy!


Great job, everyone
So another school year is all done,
And it has certainly been a great one!
From Year 6's so tall,
to Reception so small...
I say thank you, great job, everyone.

Thanks to Semark who could take the crown?
Or will Morris, Malyon or Ashdown?
Each house has it's strengths,
all go to great lengths
to do best for the team n' knuckle down.

Thanks to Reception, Year one and Year two,
your courage to learn all things new,
is a joy to behold, so little yet so bold.
Treasure everything this school has shown you.

And to clever Year three and Year four,
you've gone through an exciting new door.
And the wise Year five,
you are all so alive
with what the next year has in store.

To the Leavers as you take your next leap,
filled with memories to cherish and keep.
You will always achieve,
you will always believe,
'cause the BGP spirit runs deep.

To the amazing team that makes this school run.
Teachers and TAs get so much done,
the cooks and the cleaner,
our dude Mr Wheeler,
Your commitment is second to none.

And the office, governors. PTA fun,
All the parents supporting daughters and sons...
I couldn't be more proud,
to be part of this crowd,
once more - thank you... great job, EVERYONE.


From Parent Governor


If I don’t see you before have a restful October break.

Kind regards,

Mrs K Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary