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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Headteacher's Newsletter

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds


 Newsletter – July 2019



Dear Parents,


It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of another academic year. Our new reception children are undertaking their visits, children have met and visited their new teachers/classes and our Year 6 children are getting ready to say goodbye.



Term 6 has involved the children designing and building castles, performing an amusing and informative play “Darwin Rocks” and competing in two exciting sports days.  Additionally, we have awarded last year’s winners of British Military Fitness Week and completed this year’s challenges (you may have heard the excitement of the Friday’s assault course with sounds effects including explosions!).  There have been Teddy Bear Picnics, a Leavers’ party, a summer fair, a Year 6 residential, a music concert and a Sports Assembly.  The unpredictable English weather has unfortunately led to a postponement of our first ever Inflatables event which we hope to reschedule for the 14th September.


In the whole school Design Technology week, all pupils explored castles with our Early Years children building some amazing keeps. Key Stage 1 built castles from different materials and created moving picture books and Key Stage 2 learned about mechanisms.  Year 3 and 4 worked with pulley systems and Year 5 and 6 experimented with mechanisms in working models of wells to sustain a castle under siege!  A visit from a local architect inspired the children to consider future careers in design, photography, building and planning.  Linking education to future careers has been an exciting feature of several learning experiences this year and very motivating for our pupils.


The residential trip to the Isle of Wight was a great success with our Year 6 children representing the school well in our various visits to historical sites and a zoo.  As well as exploring Carisbrooke Castle, Osborne House and Amazon World Zoo, they participated in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, rifle shooting and archery.  This was a week of achievements with many children facing new challenges whether it was staying away from home or participating in water sports for the first time or simply trying new foods.  The staff who accompanied children on this trip were full of praise for the children’s courage, kindness and resilience.


Year 5 and 6 entertained us last term with the most fantastic production of “Darwin Rocks”, a musical about the life and achievements of Charles Darwin.  The singing was outstanding and year 5 performed three dances which were full of humour.  Our actors amazed us with their confidence and behind the scenes children worked on special effects, props and even wrote extra scenes for the play.  Having studied the work of Darwin a few weeks before, the play was especially meaningful.


Our Year 1/2 children have visited Eagle Heights which ‘kicked off’ their ‘Let’s go on Safari’ Experience where the children learnt how to classify and group different living organisms. They communicated their ideas in a variety of ways including giving consideration to how the natural world has been, and can be described through art. They also looked at how aspects of our lives have changed over time comparing the familiar setting of the seaside nowadays with that of the seaside during the Victorian times in their ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’ Experience. Year 3/4 have explored the extraordinary world of Phelippe Petite who walked between the Twin Towers in New York providing an opportunity to explore primary and secondary sources and evaluating their reliability.


Our reception children have visited Wingham Wildlife Park and have had a fabulous year of making weekly rainbows (a different colour lolly stick for every area of the curriculum).



We have many achievements to celebrate as we enter the Summer holidays including excellent SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) results in both key stages and another haul of outstanding music exam results; however, a more important success is our very confident, motivated and curious Year 6s who are embarking on the next stage of their educational journeys when they start their new secondary schools in September.  This year group have proved themselves to be mature, kind, hard-working and talented and we wish them the very best in their new schools and hope they will return to visit us in the future. 



In addition, some members of staff are retiring or moving on to new things and we have much to thank them for; in particular some of our Teaching Assistants who have given above and beyond what their role requires for many years and we are extremely grateful for their dedication to our school and our children.

(National results are provisional, percentages underlined are last years as the provisional national has not been released)

National Combined Expected+

(Expected in reading, writing and maths)



BGPS Combined Expected+


Up 4% on National

National Reading EXP+



BGPS Reading Expected+


Up 9% on National

National Maths Expected+



BGPS Maths Expected+


Up 5% on National

National Writing Expected+



BGPS Writing Expected+


Up 6% on National


Summer Holidays

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2. Sharing pictures of your child online

Lots of parents love sharing photos of their children with friends and family, particularly when they are on holiday or starting the new school year. A recent report found that 42% of young people reported that their parents had done this without asking their permission. Our article helps parents to protect their child while staying social. 




3. Keeping your under 5s safe online

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4. Live streaming: responding to the risks

Many children enjoy live streaming as it can be used to showcase talent, develop communication skills and create identity. Our article helps parents to understand why children love it, what the risks can be, and how they can help their child stay safe if they are live streaming.




5. Using parental controls

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Every term we have to thank the many parents and members of our local community who voluntarily contribute their time, talents and resources to projects which enhance our school life. One of these roles is that of school governor, a demanding but rewarding position. And so I will finish this year with a final word from one of our School Governors.


Great job, everyone

So another school year is all done,

And it has certainly been a great one!

From Year 6's so tall,

to Reception so small...

I say thank you, great job, everyone.


Thanks to Semark who could take the crown?

Or will Morris, Malyon or Ashdown?

Each house has it's strengths,

all go to great lengths

to do best for the team n' knuckle down.


Thanks to Reception, Year one and Year two,

your courage to learn all things new,

is a joy to behold, so little yet so bold.

Treasure everything this school has shown you.


And to clever Year three and Year four,

you've gone through an exciting new door.

And the wise Year five,

you are all so alive

with what the next year has in store.


To the Leavers as you take your next leap,

filled with memories to cherish and keep.

You will always achieve,

you will always believe,

'cause the BGP spirit runs deep.


To the amazing team that makes this school run.

Teachers and TAs get so much done,

the cooks and the cleaner,

our dude Mr Wheeler,

Your commitment is second to none.


And the office, governors. PTA fun,

All the parents supporting daughters and sons...

I couldn't be more proud,

to be part of this crowd,

once more - thank you... great job, EVERYONE.

By a Parent Governor


Have a wonderful summer break and we will see all your lovely children on the 4th September.

Kind regards,


Mrs Sandberg
Headteacher, Borough Green Primary