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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Headteacher's Newsletter

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds


 Letter to Parents – July 2020




Dear Parents and Carers,

It is our plan that all pupils, in all year groups, will return to school full-time from the beginning of the autumn term.

A thorough risk assessment has been undertaken but to ensure our procedures will work for a full return of all pupils, various procedures will be in place. Please read the following information carefully and store in a safe place, as you will need to refer back to this prior to September. 


Start Date

Early Years children – your original dates sent out earlier in the year still stand with the first of these dates being the Thursday 3rd September. Each class will start with the eldest 5 children and then every day for the next two and half weeks more children will be added until every child is in. Please check previous communication for your child’s start date.

Friday 4th September – Y3/4 children will join

Monday 7th September – Y1/2 and Y5/6 will join


In relation to working in schools, whilst it is not possible to ensure a totally risk-free environment, the government informs us that we are in an improved position with the balance of risk now overwhelmingly in favour of children returning to school. However, while coronavirus remains in the community, it is vital that we continue to stay alert which is why all schools including us will continue to have in place measures that reduce the risk as much as possible. Our plans are initially in place for the first term but will be under constant review; please read all communications.

After settling in time, teachers will be assessing what your child needs. Along with academic progress, we will also be assessing your child’s well-being. We have a central role to play in enabling children to be resilient and to support good mental health and well-being and will do this through an environment that is calm, kind and supportive. 

Your child will need time to adjust to the new routines, their new class, their new teacher and we will be there to support you and them through this process.

Arrival and Pick Up 

Arrival and pick up times will also be staggered. You must stick to these times to limit the number of people moving along the path. Children should only be brought in by one adult per family to reduce the number of people moving along the path.

For the vast majority of the day your child will be in a class bubble. There will however, be times when the bubble extends to the phase, see below. If you have children in multiple year groups, please arrive and collect all your children at the youngest child’s time slot.


EY Bubble

Y1/2 Bubble

Y3/4 Bubble

Y5/6 Bubble


Lime and Apple

Bay, Myrtle and Willow

Cherry, Sycamore and Poplar

Oak, Acacia and Maple















Location of drop off and pick up

Front of Lime and Apple Classrooms

Main Y1/2 Door, 100 square playground

Poplar - Nursery playground

Cherry - Door near Acacia

Sycamore – Year 5/6 Door


Acacia – Door near Acacia

Oak and Maple – Y5/6 Door


There will be a controlled entry to the school and a one-way system for everyone’s safety. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER VIA THE SCHOOL APPROACH PATHWAY AND ONLY AT YOUR ALLOTTED ARRIVAL TIME. 2m apart boxes will be marked; only enter the next box as it becomes free. YOU CAN ONLY EXIT THE SCHOOL VIA THE HILL VIEW GATE. I know this means an extra walk for some of you but this system is in place for everyone’s safety as a social distance cannot be maintained with two directional ‘traffic’ on the footpath and it would be too dangerous for families to walk along the road. This system has been in place since March and has worked well. 

Routines and Behaviour Expectations

  • Children will be required to wear school uniform, black school shoes and should be smartly presented at all times. On their first day, children in Early Years, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 should bring in a full, named P.E. kit which will remain in school. Years 5 and 6, are to arrive in their school P.E. kit on days their class has P.E. School uniform should be brought in a bag to change into if needed. 
  • Please ensure equipment and clothing is labelled and encourage your child to keep their items with them or in their lockers at all times. Children in Oak and Maple will be asked to keep their belongings on the back of their chair as the coat pegs are too close to each other. Children should bring a jumper and a coat as most windows in the classrooms will be open for ventilation.
  • Equipment – it is important that each child has their own designated equipment. To support this please send your child in with the following items: 30cm ruler, small pack of coloured pencils, scissors, eraser, sharpener and glue stick. Years 3-6 will also need a small dictionary, pen (if they have a pen licence) and a half circle protractor. Children can also bring in their own small bottle of anti-bacterial gel. 
  • Some Year 6 children, who have brought in signed permission that they can walk home on their own, may have a mobile phone in school. This should be handed to the class teacher on entry to the classroom in the morning. Once all phones have been collected they will be stored in the office. Phones are not allowed to be stored anywhere else.
  • All children will be expected and encouraged throughout the day to remain a safe distance from adults and other children. This will be hard, so speak to them about this. Their initial instinct will be to hug those that they have not seen but this must not happen. We will encourage the children to wrap their arms around themselves to not only give themselves a hug but to show their feelings about their friends and staff they have missed.
  • Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered and shortened to allow for all the ‘bubbles to access outdoor space; children will remain with those in their ‘bubble’ during playtimes (am and pm) and lunch times. 
  • To be able to provide a hot lunch to all those who have a school dinner a different system will be in place:

EY – will have a hot meal delivered to Forest Room (a classroom next to Lime and Apple)

Y1/2 and Y3/4 – will eat in the hall

Y5/6 – will collect their lunch from the hall and eat in their own classrooms.

  • All children will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently during the school day; hand sanitisers will be available when washing facilities are not easily accessed.
  • Staff all have access to anti-bacterial spray and regularly used surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • There will be no paper based homework set although this may change later in the year.
  • Verbal feedback throughout the lesson will replace most hand-written marking to reduce contact with the children’s books. Verbal feedback often has far greater impact, providing the child with immediate support, guidance or praise, rather than waiting to see their book the next day.
  • Children that consistently and deliberately break the social distancing rules will need to be collected and can only return if it is safe to do so.
  • If your child develops symptoms you should inform the school as soon as is possible; or if at school, the child will be sent home. *

Please avoid approaching the office or members of staff at the beginning or end of the day as they need to focus on the children that are coming into school. If it is an urgent message please keep to a social distance otherwise send an email via the

Thank you for all the supportive messages throughout this period. I very much look forward to seeing you all in September.

Kind regards,

Mrs K Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary

This plan and information is subject to change at short notice and is under constant review.

* Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms include one or more of the following:

•        a high temperature

•        a new, continuous cough

•        a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

More detail is available online:


The individual should be tested for COVID-19; this can be arranged online:

What to do following a positive test

If the individual tests negative they can return to school. However, in the event of positive test result, they must self-isolate at home for seven days and follow the guidance available online:

The individual will receive a request by text, email or phone to log into the NHS Test and Trace service website and provide information about recent close contacts. Other individuals may also need to self-isolate for 14 days; in most cases this will include the rest of their bubble, however, Public Health England will support the school to identify those close contacts who will need to be advised to self-isolate and any further testing required.