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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Headteacher's Newsletters

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds


 Newsletter – April 2018

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                        



No week at Borough Green Primary is the same as the week before and never has this been truer than during Term 4.  One week we were one of just a few schools in Kent to stay open every day during the ‘Snow Week’ thanks to our very dedicated local staff who were able to battle through the weather to open the school (as well as kind parents who cleared snow to make the school accessible). The next week we were a hive of activity preparing for our Dragon Gallery and postponed dressing up for World Book Day.  The Dragon Gallery showcased all classes’ work based on our Book Week theme of dragons and included among the many exhibits vibrant collaged dragons, intricate clay dragons’ eyes, beautifully presented Owners’ Manuals and amazing writing from our youngest pupils.  Our mysterious egg had hatched at the end of Snow Week revealing an unexpectedly large purple dragon with green eyes and a coiled tail.  Parents queued outside the school Hall to visit our gallery and see their children’s work – it was a very satisfying end to two weeks of hard work.  Queueing was also a feature of our author visit when parents and children queued to buy a signed copy of humorous author Andy Seed’s latest book – at Borough Green Primary School we are serious about educating our children in the great British pastime of patiently queueing in an orderly fashion!

Porchlight Charity

To mark the season of Lent, a local charity “Porchlight” visited the school to promote their work for the homeless.  Every child was given a house-shaped money box to decorate and fill with coins they would normally have spent on things like sweets.  It was a great opportunity for our children to think about people who are less fortunate than themselves and who may not have a home to go to. The children raised an amazing £485 which was gratefully received by the charity.  In the week before the Easter Holidays, the children brought in their decorated houses to be displayed as a colourful model village.  Year 3 / 4 have also been thinking about families living in very different circumstances from theirs; they have been writing pen-pal letters to children in our link school in Malawi.  One of the Starfish Malawi charity workers will hand-deliver the letters during his next visit.  Starfish Malawi’s vision is ‘a just world where every child is educated, healthy and cared for’ under the principle of “love your neighbour”, bringing schools together from Malawi and the UK to demonstrate that we are better working together than we are apart. As ever, we are very proud of the children and families of Borough Green Primary School who so readily and frequently demonstrate one of our school values – generosity.

For some time, we have been exploring the idea of a new vision statement for the school.  Parents, pupils, staff, governors and the local community have all been contributing ideas, telling us the values and aspirations they would like to see encapsulated in a simple and memorable statement.  It was immediately apparent that we were all thinking along the same lines and key words appeared in everyone’s ideas.  Our new vision statement is:

“Learning together with kind hearts and determined minds”

This communicates so well what we do every day at Borough Green Primary School: offering exciting learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, nurturing all aspects of individuals including their emotional well-being, and promoting a “Growth Mind Set” which values hard work, perseverance and resilience in the face of set-back. 

Term 5

Term 5 is now underway with all its challenges and opportunities which include SATs testing for Years 2 and 6 but also more pleasurable milestones such as using our newly covered and refurbished swimming pool.  The countdown to sports days has begun and the better weather is enabling us to take the children outside to learn in different environments.  It is always a pleasure to watch the children enjoy our outside areas, in particular the Nature Area volunteers worked so hard to overhaul last year and the meadow which offers so many opportunities for creative learning. 



National Curriculum Tests (SATs)

Key Stage 1 Tests (for children in Year 2) can be taken any time during May and are not strictly timed. Some children may not even know they are taking them as teachers will incorporate them into everyday classroom practice. They help us to identify how well your child is doing compared to other children nationally who had a similar starting point i.e. their Early Years Foundation Stage result. They are also an important tool to enable us to identify early any children who may need additional support. Below is a summary of the tests that they will be taking.


Test Paper

English Reading

2 papers: short text and questions; longer test with separate questions


2 papers: arithmetic; mathematical reasoning

English grammar, punctuation and spelling (optional)

2 papers: spelling; punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary)


The children’s teachers will use the results from these tests, along with the work your child has done throughout the year, to help them reach their own judgements about how your child is progressing at the end of key stage 1. These teacher assessment judgements and test results will be reported to you by the end of the summer term in your child’s final report.

Key Stage 2 (for children in Year 6) will be taken on set dates, unless your child is absent, in which case they may be able to take them up to 5 school days afterwards.



Test Paper

Monday 14 May

English: grammar, punctuation and spelling

2 papers: spelling; punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary)

Tuesday 15 May

English: reading

1 paper

Wednesday 16 May


2 papers: arithmetic; mathematical reasoning

Thursday 17 May


1 paper: mathematical reasoning


By the end of the summer term you will receive test results for your child in English reading, English grammar, punctuation and spelling and mathematics. As there is no test for English writing, this will be reported as a teacher assessment judgement which will have been moderated with other schools to ensure accuracy. You will also receive separate teacher assessment judgements for English reading, mathematics and science.

A snapshot of the Term 5 Curriculum

Year 1/2 – Location, location, location. The initial hook of a bug hunt will eventually lead to an increased understanding of how different animals have different habitats and how they are adapted. Subjects covered will be literacy, science, art, D.T and I.T. Later on in the term the children will experience ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ which will focus on art and self-portraits.

Year 3/4 – Rampaging Romans. The initial hook for this topic will be an outdoors Learning Activity: Celts vs Romans using a giant interactive map on playground showing Roman expansion throughout Europe -  it is sure to get the children excited about this latest experience. Other subjects covered throughout the experience are literacy, history, geography and additional maths. Later in the term will be a science and R.E. experience.

Year 5/6 – Raiders and Settlers. Focusses on Viking history, their settlements in England, who they were and where and when they travelled and settled, their religious beliefs and rituals and their writing systems. This experience will also cover geography and additional maths such as scale and measurement.


We have two new members of staff joining us this term Mrs Allwright who will be working as a teaching assistant and Mrs Fitchett in the office.

Each year the KM Charity Team organise a Kent Teacher of the Year Awards. There were 1,200 nominations and hundreds received highly commended letters but only 55 were chosen as winners. This year Mrs Martin was nominated by a pupil in her class and chosen as one of the winners and I am sure you will join me in congratulating her on this fantastic achievement.

Mr Dolby, one of the judges stated: “On behalf of the judging panel, can I thank school staff in Kent for the tremendous hard work and dedication they deliver on a daily basis within their schools. There is no more important job than educating the next generation.”

School Improvements

Over the holidays a new fire alarm system was put in place to incorporate our new swimming pool enclosure and it is hoped that by the end of the academic year that new exercise/play equipment will be installed on the meadow. Our PTA are now fundraising to enable us to refurbish another classroom so thank you in advance for your support with the various functions that occur throughout the year.


Each term all house points/dojo points are added up with the winning house receiving a reward. Term 4 was won by Malyon. Each week the running totals are recorded on the front page of the website you can also see the Stars of the Week and Term under Class Pages.

Kind regards,

Mrs K Sandberg

Headteacher, Borough Green Primary