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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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House Captains

Our House Captains at Borough Green

On joining Borough Green School, each pupil is enrolled into one of four houses:

Malyon (red)‚Äč

Semark (blue)

Morris (yellow)

Ashdown (green)

Each house has two Year 6 House Captains. House Captains are elected in September by producing a promotional campaign (posters and video/presentation). All students in KS2 have the opportunity to vote for their chosen House Captain through a secret ballot and we have now appointed our new House Captains for this educational year.

Our House Captains for 2021/2022 are:

Malyon – Max and Isabelle

Semark – Angus and Charlotte

Morris – George and Steffy

Ashdown – Verity and Poppy

The position of House Captains are highly regarded within the school. They carry out duties on a daily basis to support staff and represent the school on official engagements such as the carol service, parent consultations, school plays, harvest festival and many more.  Due to this, we expect the children’s attitude and behaviour to be of the highest standard. Other children in the school should view the House Captains as role models thus their appearance, attitude, hard work and determination should be an inspirational message to all members of the school.

Responsibilities include:

  • To be positive role models for their younger peers
  • Encourage good behaviour and hard work in others through the promotion of house points
  • To liaise with other pupils in their house groups, allowing them to voice any concerns or suggestions, passing them onto the Mrs Sandberg if necessary
  • Assist Mrs Sandberg in assembly to hand out rewards
  • Ensure children are aware of the rules and routines for the school during break and lunchtimes