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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Iggy Peck, Architect - w/c 30 March 2020

We have taken this fabulous picture book (by Andrea Beaty) as our inspiration and just like Iggy, we'll be looking at architecture from all different angles.  We are looking forward to seeing what you can can find out and learn.  Click on the link above to hear the book read aloud and see the stunning illustrations by David Roberts.

Use the support documents below and your own independent research, to create a colourful double page display in your workbook on the Spanish artist and architect, Antoni Gaudi. 

Look carefully at how Gaudi was influenced by the shapes and colours of nature and reinterpreted these in his designs and creations. Perhaps you could spend some time in your garden and produce some art work of your own.

Gaudi's buildings and sculptures are often called whimsical and fantastic; can you design a Gaudi-style castle or palace fit for a fairy queen (or a goblin king)? 

We will be having a go at printing in school to see if we can recreate Paul Klee's Cityscape and would love for you to join in too.  See the art section for some more information and ideas.

One of nature's greatest architects is the beaver - below you'll find a fun and fascinating extract from a book by Angela Sheehan which will help you learn more about these incredible creatures.  There are also a few SPaG and comprehension questions to complete, to help you check your understanding.

You could try making your own beaver lodge out of sticks in your back garden (or use a blanket and your imagination in your bedroom or living room). Perhaps send us a picture of you reading in your new den ; make sure you put your name and class on (