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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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It's A Small World - w/c 18 May 2020

You have all been doing an amazing job staying at home and helping to keep yourselves and the country safe but just like the snail in Julia Donaldson’s The Snail & The Whale, you might be starting to get itchy feet.  So, we thought it would be fun to do some travelling this week.

You can follow the snail’s adventure in this BBC animation:


Super Sentence Stacking - Soar

We have another writing challenge for you this week where you will help to tell the story of a young girl who meets a most unusual traveler.  As before, you need to watch the You Tube lesson with Mrs C then choose one (and only one!) part of the story to tell and write nine sentences about that plot point.  Your sentences should be the very best that you can do must address three key challenges:

  • Use a colon to introduce a list
  • Alliteration
  • Include a complex sentence using the conjunction ‘as’ embedded between the subordinating clause and the main clause.

Listen very carefully to the lesson as it will really help you to produce your best work; do what you are asked – no more, no less. Mrs Martin has added some additional support documents below.

Send your nine sentences to us at remembering to include your name, your class and the plot point you have written about. We can then weave all your work together and share our combined story. 





Make sure you check Spelling Frame each week and complete the set tests (there have been 5 so far) as well as using the games to improve your spelling generally.  Can you include any of this week’s words in your sentence stacking task?

Last week’s Spelling Frame champion was Elsie with an amazing 2480 points!


Worldwide Scavenger Hunt

Using an atlas (or the internet), travel around the world completing the scavenger hunt challenges as you go to learn a little more about the countries that you visit.


Time Zone Challenge

Journeying around that world can be a tricky business as different countries are in different time zones. Have a look at the challenge sheet to learn more and practise being an international jet-setter.


Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey maps are useful tools that use symbols to explain the features of different areas so walkers know where and where not to go. Use the information sheets below to learn more about them and then test out your new skills in the Grid Reference Game.

Can you find Borough Green Primary School on the OS maps online? Can you find your own home? Have a virtual explore of Borough Green village online – what can you find? Can you find any of those same things next time you go for a walk around the village?


Working to scale

Maps are drawn to scale.  A scale can help you to see or work out the size of things or places and the distance between them.  Use the activity sheet below to explore the idea of scale in your own home.  You can add more objects to the sheet and/or try converting their sizes using other scales (for example 20:1, 25:1) 

Extension: You could try drawing a scale version of a room in your house including its furniture.



Choose a country you have always wanted to visit – or maybe one that you have learned a little more about this week – and see what you can find out about the art there.  This could be traditional or tribal art, classical art or something very modern such as street art.  Can you create a picture or piece in the same style?

For some inspiration, have a look at this quick film:

And check out some amazing street art around the world here:


The Pirate Game

The Pirate Game may look similar to battleships but with lots more looting and mayhem! You can play with your family or on a Zoom or Facetime with your friends.