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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Lunchtime and Medicine

Free school meals are provided to all Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. The menu for school lunches, which includes a range of healthy options, is displayed on the website, in the foyer, on the Oak classroom window overlooking the playground where Key Stage 1 parents drop off and collect children, on the green door by the Acacia classroom and on Lime classroom’s window.

Children may of course bring a packed lunch although parents must notify the school in writing if they are opting out of the free school meal provision. We ask that parents prepare healthy packed lunches avoiding sweets/chocolate and including a still drink.

As it is a long time between breakfast and lunch and lunch and home-time for young children, we operate a rolling snack time during child initiated play (9:10 – 10:10 am and 1:20 – 2:30 pm). The children are offered a piece of fruit or veg from school or they may bring their own snacks. Guidance on snacks that are allowed is as follows:

Bread/bread rolls (with a small amount of butter or margarine - but not sandwiches, we would like them to eat their lunch!)

Bread sticks (these can include Dairylea Dunkers since the children are allowed cheese, but only the breadstick variety please)

Scones Bread Muffins (breakfast muffins - not cakes)
Crumpets Pitta bread
Malt Loaf Rice cakes
Crackers Pancakes (no syrup!)
Fruit loaf Tea cake

Children may also have cheese or tube/drink yogurts.

Please do not bring in cereal bars and items that contain nuts.

Please do not add any spreads other than margarine or butter - no jam or chocolate spread etc. Please ensure all snacks are named.

Children will be offered a cup of milk each day during their Reception year in school. There is no charge for this.

Should your child require medication during the school day, parents are welcome to administer this themselves. Alternatively for medication prescribed by a doctor, this can be administered by staff in school providing a form giving timing and dosage has been completed and signed by the parent. These forms are available from the school office.

Medicines should be handed into the school office by an adult at the beginning of the day and a form completed with directions on timing and dosage. Please inform the class teacher and ensure that the medicine is collected by an adult at the end of the day.