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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Our Governors

Meet our Governors

As a school community we work very closely together.  Our House Captains have been interviewing our governors so they could find out a little bit more about them.  Here's what they found out...


Karen Sandberg Headteacher

Mrs Sandberg
Mrs Sandberg is the Head Teacher of Borough Green Primary School. She became a governor to let the governing body know all the good things that happen at Borough Green Primary School. At work, she oversees the teaching and learning, looks after the finances, maintains the buildings, ensures the professional development of staff, communicates with other – the list is endless! Mrs Sandberg was inspired by a PE teacher at secondary school, but she also finds seeing the children grow and develop in confidence an inspiration. Mrs Sandberg is quite competitive so her favourite subject at school was PE. She enjoys being physically active and being part of a team. If Mrs Sandberg had a free day, she would do some gardening, meet friends for coffee, or catch up on some sleep. Her favourite food is a roast dinner and she enjoys reading historical based novels and factual adventures. Mrs Sandberg would describe herself as thoughtful, hardworking and positive.

Interview by Jennifer Smith


Miss Caroline Conroy
Mrs Conroy is a partnership governor. She is responsible for monitoring teaching and learning and Early Years. Mrs Conroy is a retired head teacher and wanted to support the local school in the village where she lives. She now works part time as a gardener, if she has a free day she likes to watch musicals at the theatre and take her dog Molly on long walks. Mrs Conroy was inspired to become a governor by Mrs Hadfield. At school she loved PE, Art, English and History. She enjoys reading gardening books, travel books and biographies. Mrs Conroy’s favourite foods are Thai and most fruits. She would describe herself as optimistic, happy and enthusiastic.

Interview by Caitlin Poole


Reverend Chris Turner
Reverend Chris is our Community Governor. He became a governor because he thinks that the school is a very important place in the village. He is the local vicar and very much part of the local community. Reverend Chris is inspired by God and his wife to do the things he loves. His favourite subject at school was Science. He enjoys reading non-fiction and detective stories. If Reverend Chris had a free day he would enjoy wood-work. Reverend Chris’ favourite food is rhubarb. He would describe himself as happy, forgiving and curious.  

Interview by Nell Sibbald and Samuel Waghorn



Mr Richard Lucas
Mr Lucas is a co-optive governor and oversees safe-guarding and teaching and learning. He became a governor to feel part of the school. Mr Lucas is a teacher of DT and ICT, although his favourite subjects at school were Art and Chemistry. Mr Lucas is inspired by people that are creative and competitive. He likes to read comedy and he enjoys Thai and Malaysian cuisine. If Mr Lucas had a free day he would visit country homes. He describes himself as laid-back, cautious and strategic.

Interview by Eve Hadfield and Albert Medd


Mrs Jemma Butterfield
Miss Butterfield wanted to become a governor to learn about what goes on behind the scenes at BGPS. She has been at the school for 3 years and joined the Governing Body in September 2020. Miss Butterfield’s responsibility are as Staff Governor. She is inspired by the other teachers in the school. As well as being Staff Governor, she is also a teacher to years 3/4. She had lots of ideas for if she had a free day: she would snuggle up in a cosy blanket, read books and watch TV. Miss Butterfield’s favourite food is pizza. She likes to read Sherlock Holmes. In her childhood she enjoyed learning her times tables. She would describe herself as calm and relaxed. 

Interview by Lex and Nora


Mrs Catherine O’Neill
Mrs O’Neill became co-chair of governors in 2021, she loves Borough Green Primary School and wants to help Mrs Sandberg make it the best school it can be. She is inspired by all of her friends and family and all of the places she has been. Mrs O’Neill works for the foreign office, working with the government to represent the UK abroad. Her favourite subject at school was French and she studied modern languages. Mrs O’Neill enjoys crime drama books. If Mrs O’Neill had a free day she would invite all of her friends for a BBQ, however having lived in India she also enjoys a curry. She would describe herself as sociable, practical and adventurous.



Alison Chugg







Emma Holden

Emma Holden wanted to become a school governor because she is passionate about education and wanted to be more involved. She is inspired by her husband and her sons who are 22 and 19. They are always urging her to do new things. She works in a nursery school. She enjoy reading, being at her allotment, baking, knitting, watching sport and being with friends and family. Her favourite food is anything Italian. Her family say she is thoughtful, generous, kind and helpful.


Interview by  Lex and Norah.



David Cushway






Stephen Cole







Alistair George Booth





Richard Pearce







Suzi Lawrence Partnership Governor

​Alistair George Booth
Co-Chair of Governors

Suzi Lawrence Partnership Governor

Catherine O'Neill
Co-Chair of Governors

Karen Sandberg Headteacher

Karen Sandberg

Caroline Conroy
Partnership Governor

Stephen Cole
Vice Chair of Governors

Alison Chugg
Co-opted Governor

Emma Holden
Co-opted Governor

Suzi Lawrence Partnership Governor

​Richard Pearce
Parent Governor 

Richard Lucas
Co-opted Governor

Mary West Partnership Governor

Jemma Butterfield
Staff Governor

Chris Turner
Partnership Governor

Dave Cushway
L A Governor