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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Physical Education and Physical Activity

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning, 

I hope everyone is well and making the most of the sunshine we have been having. Fingers crossed it is here to stay! Although it is incredibly sad to see the Olympics delayed, it means longer to let our excitement and knowledge build. Why not design a Paralympic mascot, merchandise for supporters or learn about the Spirit of Sport. Below are all the resources that you will need to start your journey into the Olympic games (a little ahead of time). 

I am constantly hearing of long walks, runs, bike rides, gymnastics practice and even wading in streams, encouraging me that you too are enjoying the extra opportunities for physical activity. But don't forget about your physical education too. Head over to PASS's website ( to find PE lessons that will keep developing your skills as well as keep you healthy. The lessons are designed to use as little equipment as possible, as the teachers themselves are also safe at home and not at work. 

Keep active and smiling. 

Tuesday 5th May

During lock-down some of you may have mastered a new skill or had time to improve an existing one. Have a look at the attached resources and activities from our lovely friends at PASS and learn about some of the world's most talented people - world record holders and professional athletes. I wonder if with a little practice you can get close to their achievements. I'd love to see how you do so don't forget to send your results through to the office.  


Monday 4th May 

Good morning everyone. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. When speaking to the lovely children of Oak class it appears that they are all being very active - I assume that every one else is too. Being term 5, we would normally start to prepare ourselves for Sports Day in our P.E. lessons. Just because we aren't together, it doesn't mean that this still can't happen. Why not have an egg and spoon race or sack race at home? I'd love to hear of any new creative events you've designed for your family to compete in too. Keep active and keep smiling! 


Monday 20th April

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter which I am sure involved plenty of chocolate! This is more reason than ever to all get up and moving. Joe Wicks is still doing his P.E. lesson every morning: fancy dress Fridays are my favourite. I'd love to see pictures of you in your house in fancy dress (please send them through to the office).

Here is another idea if you find yourself bored for ideas at home. 

Mission Impossible:

I have played this at school with many children, taping string between tables, chairs, table legs and even door frames. All you need is string and masking tape (this shouldn't leave marks on your paint work). Parents, make it challenging, it will keep them entertained for ages  (I just hope you can cope with the mission impossible music on repeat for a while). 

Wednesday 1st April 

This mornings Joe Wicks P.E. lesson was inspired by a young girl called Emelia. I'd love to load You Tube one morning and see that it was one of you that had inspired the nation to keep moving. Have a go at designing your own work out - don't forget the warm up- and send it to Joe Wicks! Please send me a copy too so I can post them on the website for our school community to complete, me included. Make them challenging. be creative and most importantly have fun! 

Monday 30th March 

On this part of the website I am hoping to share simple ideas that inspire us all to keep moving – yes parents that means you as well. I shall do my best to ensure that each activity is as cheap as possible, with as little resources as possible, as well as having as little impact on your home as possible! Below are numerous online resources to get us started. 

Our lovely friends at PASS are doing workouts from home twice a day at 10 am and 1pm. Head over to their website to see a few familiar and friendly faces that can help keep you active and healthy. You can also find Home Based Activities as well as a weekly challenge. 

I’m sure you have all already heard, seen or completed a P.E. Lesson with Joe Wicks the Body Coach but if you haven’t then you really must. They start at 9 am giving you plenty of time to get your sportswear on and water bottle filled. Parents, you will be happy to know they are completely family friendly, meaning you can join in too. 

The BBC has teamed up with The Premier League to encourage active learning from home. Simply click on the Key Stage or subject you desire and dance, and sing, along. 

Cosmic Kids is fun for children ages 3 plus and may bring a sense of calm to your exercise sessions. 

Go Noodle offers short movement breaks around many themes – perfect for a quick brain break mid home learning.  

Just Dance Kids – You Tube 

Many of our children would have heard of this popular game and they can now access many of the videos for free on You Tube.