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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Stand and Deliver! - w/c 23 March 2020

We are studying Alfred Noye's poem, "The Highwayman", a tragic story about doomed love.  In school we have imagined we are Tim the Ostler (a stable boy) and have interviewed him to learn more about his unrequited love for the landlord's daughter, beautiful Bess.  We have story-mapped the poem, using 8 boxes to summarise Tim's point of view e.g.:

1. Tim is in the stables on a stormy night

2. He hears the sound of the Highwayman galloping over the moors

3. Tim watches the Highwayman tap on Bess's window and chat with her.  They arrange to meet again at moonlight.

4. Tim tells King George's men that they can trap the Highwayman at moonlight.

5. The soldiers arrive and violently take over the inn.

6. Tim watches Bess be tied up and stood in the window; he realises, with regret, what he has done.

7. The Highwayman approaches and Bess pulls the trigger - Tim's beloved is dead!

8. Some hours later, the Highwayman approaches the inn and is shot down by the soldiers.  How would Tim feel about this?  Is this justice?

Your first two tasks are to write the interview with Tim and to produce the story map - don't forget to include the vivid colours from the poem - the purple moors, the red ribbon, the red pool of blood, the Highwayman's claret velvet coat, the twinkling jewels...

Below are some documents about highwaymen.  Write a fact sheet about highwaymen.  There are also instructions to make a storyboard for the life of Dick Turpin.

The poem itself can be viewed at