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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Many parents and children receive access to support for emotional wellbeing via GPs and schools. These routes are well established but might not appear available to those who need them during the pandemic.

The Young People’s Mental Health #HereForYou social media campaign has been developed to make sure families know we are still providing all kinds of emotional support and mental health services, with some adjustments due to government guidance.

The campaign is coordinated by the Kent Transformation Board and is designed to let parents and young people in Kent know what services and support is available and how to access it. We have included messages on safeguarding in relation to domestic abuse.

The key message for parents and young people is that services are still ‘Here For You’.

There are some useful links for supporting young people's well-being and parent and carer wellbeing:

Emotional Wellbeing Support for Primary School Aged Children - Here you’ll find paramount support options for primary-aged children and their parents/carers. The resources are predominantly focused on activities, mindfulness exercises, and supporting the understanding of the COVID-19 changes. The services referenced focus on The School Public Health Service and the CYP Kent Emotional Wellbeing services.


Practical Resources for Parents and Carers - The guidance in this section reflects the central role parents and carers play in developing their knowledge and skills to support the emotional wellbeing of their child as well as themselves.


Practical and Emotional Wellbeing Support Following Bereavement - The extensive information, resources and services included in this section will provide support to practitioners to enable them to help children and young people following bereavement. The guidance can help to foster new networks of support and highlights a school’s role in providing routine and consistency when other aspects of life are disrupted.

Emotional Wellbeing for Vulnerable Pupils - This is a new resource developed by STLS and KEPS, focusing on vulnerable students. The information included here features an additional google drivewith checklists, activities and resources to use with children and young people in all settings.

Emotional Wellbeing – Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - Some students will need support in all areas of the curriculum due to a level of learning need. As these children and young people return to school following Covid19 the resources in this section will be able to direct staff to appropriate support. This section is also supported by a google drive containing practical resources, links to services and risk assessments.


Emotional Wellbeing – Highly Anxious Students - Here you’ll find additional resources developed by STLS and KEPS providing initial guidance to meet the immediate challenges for highly anxious students who are perhaps not attending school. The google drive includes an introductory brief guide to anxiety, tools to ‘measure’ anxiety and create a back to school plan, resources for interventions, whole school good practice, tools for managing anxiety during (and after) the