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Borough Green Primary School

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

Learning Together with Kind Hearts and Determined Minds

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Year 5 & 6 - Acacia, Maple and Oak classes

Welcome to Term 1 and 2

2023 - 2024

Years 5 and 6

Dear Parents, Carers and Children

A warm welcome back to school and into an exciting year of learning in Year 5/6.

The curriculum in Terms 1 and 2 - Dynamic Dynasties

Our driver topic for Terms 1 and 2 is Dynamic Dynasties - a detailed exploration of the ancient Shang Dynasty in China. As a Stunning Start to this, the children have this week learned about and made models of Oracle Bones – historically used to ask questions of the gods and ancestors. Alongside the main history unit, we will be exploring forces and mechanisms and Earth and space in science; honing our geographical skills through the study of OS maps and atlases; delving into tints, tones and shades in art; and experimenting with, designing, making and evaluating pneumatic machines in DT. All this interwoven into our rich and varied weekly teaching timetable. Supporting knowledge organisers will be available on our class pages of the school website shortly. We will be using these regularly in school to help guide our learning and are an excellent way for you to share in this and discuss it with your children.

Upon our return after half term, we will have a visit from some historical experts for a Marvelous Middle workshop to reinvigorate our learning and our unit will end with a Fabulous Finish exhibition before Christmas, where you will be able to come and see all the incredible things that our children have learned and achieved since September.

Parental involvement: supporting your child’s learning at home

t the start of each term we will send home some tasks relating to our experience to be completed at home. Children should complete one task each week (in Term 1 we will start in Week 2). These tasks are designed to be easily completed at home and nothing needs to be handed in. However, the tasks will be used to support learning and discussion in class during the following week so it is important that they are completed during the correct week.

In the reading record, you will also find a list of the words all children are expected to spell correctly by the end of Year 6. Regular practice of small groups of words at home will help children to retain their knowledge of the key spellings and will reinforce our spelling lessons at school.

Reading at home

There is an expectation that children read daily at home, for at least 20 minutes. Reading aloud to an adult is a vital skill and builds their confidence, fluency and extends their vocabulary – it also improves their writing. We are continuing to use Accelerated Reader, which gives your child the opportunity to read books at an appropriate level. Children then complete a quiz on that book before they can choose a new one from our library. Reading records should be completed and signed each evening by an adult (for which they will be awarded one housepoint) and brought to school every day. Please also write in any new vocabulary. We will then ask children to explain the vocabulary and award a housepoint each time they are successful. Where possible, we will continue to use the reading records from last year, so please send this in with your child if it is not already in school.

Just a gentle reminder that parents can still be reading to their children at this age as well – many children will enjoy the quality time together sharing a book, and it is hugely beneficial for their own reading skills and enthusiasm for reading.

Times tables

We will be sending home a reminder of the Times Tables Rock Stars username and password for each child. Regular practice on TTRockstars will continue to secure, reinforce and consolidate their knowledge of the times tables, which will in turn assist them in many other areas of maths. To encourage this Acacia, Maple and Oak will have a weekly online battle to crown the Year 5/6 TTRockstar class as well as highlighting individual MVPs (most valuable players).

Year 5 and 6 Jobs

As well as House Captains and Sports Captains, there are many opportunities for the children in Years 5 and 6 to develop their sense of responsibility. A range of jobs will be discussed in class during the first two weeks of term and children will have the chance to apply for a role which they would like to take on this year. Many of the jobs involve the whole school and the school environment and some are based more in classrooms, however all jobs enable children to be good role models to the rest of the school

School Council

The school council is a vital part of BGPS as the pupil’s voice is important to us! A child from each class will be elected by their peers to represent their class. They will join other elected children from across the school to make key decisions on the things they feel are important to their school experience. For example this could be to do with playtimes or the play environment, particular experiences they would like to have or improve upon, a school charity to support, and other issues that may arise as the year goes on. There will be regular meetings as a group and children will need to come to these meetings ready to share their ideas! Teachers will discuss this role with their classes over the next two weeks.

Arrival at school, equipment and uniform

All children in Years 5/6 should enter by the door on the middle playground. An adult will be on duty to welcome them in between 8.40 and 8.50 each day, when the register will be taken and lessons begin. In the afternoon, Oak and Maple Class will leave from the same door. Acacia Class leaves from the middle door opposite the car park (to the left of the main entrance).

All children in Year 5/6 will be learning to write in pen. The ideal is a blue Frixion (or similar) erasable pen. These can be purchased from the school shop as well as from supermarkets and the village shops. All other equipment that your child needs is provided by the school, which means that pencil cases are not needed in school. Children will be allocated their own peg or locker, so any bag must fit into this space. Large backpacks are not appropriate. Please note that children should not bring toys or fidgets to school unless prior agreement is obtained from Mr Wheatley, our Inclusion Manager.


Uniform promotes a sense of belonging and equality. We expect our children to demonstrate pride in their appearance and respect for the school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct uniform at all times. We expect our children to demonstrate pride in their appearance and respect for the school uniform. Year 5 and 6 are the role models for the rest of the school and so it is particularly important that they set a good example.

Grey tailored trousers or shorts

Grey skirt, pinafore dress

White shirt/polo shirt White short-sleeved shirt/blouse

School bottle green round neck/V-neck sweatshirt or sweatshirt fabric cardigan

School tie (optional)

Black tights Grey socks (white socks can be worn with dresses)

Green checked dress

Black shoes.

Children should be well-presented and their white shirt/polo shirt must be tucked in at all times. Children must wear sensible black shoes to school, NOT TRAINERS or BOOTS. Makeup and nail varnish are not permitted. Excessive hair accessories or extreme hair styles or colour are also not permitted. No jewellery except for one, small, stud earring allowed in each ear. Analogue watches are encouraged but SMART watches are not allowed. Many items are available from the school office.

To order uniform please click on the link or visit the uniform section on our website. The Parent and Teachers’ Association also runs an excellent second-hand uniform shop on site. PE

This term, we have indoor PE on a Monday. Please ensure that your child comes into school wearing their PE kit on this day. If a child is unable to join in with the P.E lessons due to injury they should still come in their full P.E. kit as they will contribute to the learning and assessment of skills covered. Pupils with long hair should have their hair tied back at all times and earrings must be taken out or protected with tape during P.E. lessons. Teachers are not allowed to take earrings out for children so please ensure it is done before they arrive to school that morning.

PE kit:


House colour T-shirt

White PE shorts

Green track suit bottoms or black skins underneath the white shorts maybe worn for outdoor games in cold weather. Skins must not be worn without white shorts over the top.

All items of uniform need to be clearly marked with your child's name


We are pleased to let you know that Year 5/6 will be swimming in Term 1. Swimming days will be Wednesday and Friday. You will be notified on which day your child is swimming before sessions start in Week 2. Your child will need their swimming kit, swimming hat, towel and goggles (if they use them) on their allocated day.

Outdoor Learning

We hope to have lots of opportunities for outdoor learning so please make sure your children have suitable footwear and waterproof jackets in school every day. This really is essential as we move into the winter months. Please send a named pair of wellington boots, old trainers or boots into school with your child. These can be left at and stored in school so that they are to hand should we need them on a wet day!

Extra-Curricular Activities At BGPS

We are very lucky to have so many clubs during lunchtimes, before and after school run voluntarily. The timetables will be issued shortly for these. Please remember if your child signs up to a club they must tell the adult in charge if they cannot attend for an important reason.

End of the Day

As you know safeguarding your children is paramount at BGPS and it is essential for all that this continues at the end of the school day. We ask for your support to help ensure that we are sending your children off the school site in the manner that you expect us to. • If children are not leaving school with a parent and carer that we have on record, then you must advise us of this as otherwise we have to ensure that a phone call is made to confirm that you are happy for this to happen. •

If you have a child in Year 5 or 6 who you are happy to walk home from school on their own, please inform us in writing so we are aware of this. If your child has a phone, due to walking home alone, these must be turned off and handed in to the class teacher first thing. They will be kept in the office during the school day and returned to them at the end of the day.

Other information and key dates

23rd September Meadowfest, our very own festival is taking place on the school meadow and promises to be a fantastic event. For tickets and further information, see a member of the PTA or the posters around the school.

Finally, if you have any concerns that you would like to raise with us then please do so, we are always happy to discuss any issues with you and deal with these as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Mrs Glasswell, Mrs Quantick, Mrs Woodward and Mrs Wilson.